A hot start to 2020…

So while guests chowed down on garden salad, chips, dips, veggies, crackers, cheese and meats..  I fired up the grill and applied generous amounts of salt, pepper, and BBQ sauce to chicken and steaks, then finished them off with a light topping of Parmesan cheese.  The steaks were cut into thin strips that melted in your mouth.. no knife needed.

We laid the meats out on the buffet table with some German potato salad and some other side dishes.  I was worried that everyone would be too stuffed to play.. silly me…

We started with a little spanking, then violet wand, then flogging by which time it was midnight…  We toasted the new year with champagne and followed with some coffee and desserts before returning to the play room for some fire fleshing.

A newbie, anxious to experience fire for the first time went first.  Then an experienced subby who was long overdue for some playtime got their first fire play in a very long time.   A switch who had been watching was so intrigued she wanted a go.  She decided her partner HAD to learn to fire flesh.

Finally, somewhere around 2 it was my slaves turn.    I warmed her with light flogging before sending her spinning off into subspace with some fireplay.. She’s such a fire slut..  After a hot start to the new year, she went out like a light.. what a chore trying to spoon her into bed.

My host duties still not quite complete, I gave one guest a ride home… Now it’s almost four am… great night…  I can finally relax with stiff drink.  We brought in the New Year BDSM style..   The toys are put away but there is some cleaning I think can wait until I get some rest.

A lot of time and expense went into this evening… but on the other hand some great memories were made that can be shared for years to come.    When those stories are told, that’s when you will know it was all worth it.  Hell why wait?  My favorite memories from this evening are the glee on the face of a young domme after she got to do a lovely beating…  or the glowing appreciation on the face of a young lady for the perfectly aligned “tiger stripe” marks I left on her ass with my quirt.  Since she’s a kitty, the marks fit her purrrrrfectly..  Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.




2 thoughts on “A hot start to 2020…

  1. @Leathers That was the feedback I got from most. I am still waiting to hear if the “tiger stripes” faded.. I hope she got to wear them a a few days..


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