Coughing… and New Years

This is one of those blogs you shouldn’t read at work…

We bought a ton of food for our guests at the New Years Open House at HOX.  Great food is warm and sensual and just uhhh.. ahhhhh… almost as good as sex.  Food is almost as good as sex but it isn’t AS good as sex.. how could it be?  Sex is fucking awesome…

Have you heard of “Pompoir” or the “Singaore Kiss”?  Richard Francis Burton (born 1820) who spoke 29 languages is credited with translating text on this subject.   In another translation this time of:  Ananga-Ranga or The Hindu art of love, aka “Lizzat al-Nisa or “The Pleasures of women” in Arabic, and in India known as Kama Shastra,  we find the following words translated from Sanskrit…

Moreover, at times of enjoying Purushayita the wife will remember that without especial exertion of will on her part, the husband’s pleasure will not be perfect. To this end she must ever strive to close and constrict the Yoni until it holds the Linga, as, with a finger, opening and shutting at her pleasure, and finally acting as the hand of the Gopal-girl, who milks the cow.

This can be learned only with long practice, and especially by throwing the will into the part to be affected, even as men endeavor to sharpen their hearing, and their sense of touch. While so doing, she will mentally repeat “Kama-deva! Kamadeva,” in order that a blessing may rest upon the undertaking.

And she will be pleased to hear that the act once learned, is never lost. Her husband will then value her above all women, nor would he exchange her for the most beautiful Pani (queen) in the three worlds. So lovely and pleasant to man is she who constricts.

It is the last paragraph I wish to point out.   A man may feel blind devotional love for a woman who is plain.  He may see no other beauty.   Vain women who try to catch his eye, flirting and testing to see if they can attract…will fail.  The past pleasure he has felt, and the pleasure he knows is his in the future, keep him ever thinking of the one he loves.

A woman with this talent can sit on her man cowgirl style and “milk” him without outward movement.  Sounds like a talent right up there with learning to tie a cherry stem with your tongue…something every man should be able to do…  Seems to me a woman benefits more from that tongue talent than a man…

That or she can cough…  After orgasm.. if Izrina coughs while I am still in her, its almost too pleasurable..   Yea Gads!   Sorry New year’s banquet.. you may be delicious and bountiful and good but you’re not THAT good!


Carpe Diem my friends,  be someone’s great day!

6 thoughts on “Coughing… and New Years

  1. @Isabella LeCour – Important? It depends. If your primary concern is pleasing the man, then yes. If your primary concern is your own pleasure.. then yes… (The muscles that are involved in learning to “milk” a man are known to increase the orgasm and pleasure a woman feels..) so double bonus points! Rare? I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lot of partners in my lifetime but in my limited my experience I would say it is rare…


  2. I’ve always wondered about how rare it is and if it was any different. *blushes* I don’t have a before or after tale. I’ve always Kegeled and that led to being able to “play the flute” and other interesting motions.

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  3. @Isabella LeCour That would make you valued slave in my book, that’s for certain. Triple likes if I could! I hear it takes concentration and practice. I assume afterward it comes (pun not intended) more easily.


  4. Years of practice and some interesting triggers added to keep the practice up. I got obsessed with kegeling when I was really young, due to my mom being pregnant and I wanted to stay healthy down there…so never dropped the obsession. Took growing up and learning more about sex to figure out what could be done with it. Shooting golf balls is a real thing. LOL


  5. @Isabella LeCour – I hope the benefits include better orgasms for you… though if you always had the talent you have no “before and after” to compare against… i am told by someone with “the talent” that internal orgasms without clit stimulation is one of the benefits.


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