HOX is a home

HOX.. or the House of X..  is a home.   The only difference is that my slave and I live the Ds way of life 24x 7 and we want to give back to the community that has given us so much. I love my home, my life, and my slave.

Recently my thoughts have turned to how we don’t become another casually of all the BDSM raids that have happened over the years.  As far as I know, I am allowed to have a dinner party and have guests.   We are not a business.  We don’t exchanging goods or services in return for anything.   We are not a “club”.   We don’t have rules or officers or dues.   There are no membership cards…

Still, it worries me.  The vigilantes, do-gooders, and zealots I have seen do harm over the years worries me quite a bit.   Worse still are the folks you know for five years and then suddenly turn on you.  Izrina and I are trying to do something good here for people who have no space.. and yet there are and always will be assholes that just have to shit where others eat.  I really just don’t understand hate…

Some days I think Terry Brooks was writing fact when he wrote “Running with the Demon”.   Good read that one..  Basically, in the book, demons are real but of course the modern scientific thinking humans with all their gadgets don’t believe in them.. which leaves the demons free to sow hatred, greed, corruption, and other forms of evil.   The world is changing right before their eyes and the people can’t see it.. The world is taking a slow plunge into hell just as the demons would have it and no one gets it.   It’s something to think about, that’s for sure.

I am not for the other way either.  Organized religion is as bad if not worse.  The world may need a cleansing but not by the sword and not by any religion seeking dominance over all other religions.  War is war no matter who does it.  I don’t trust anyone that has the one and only “word of God”.

Increasingly, even in community, I don’t feel a deep kinship that comes without strings.  Everything it seems has a price..  a sad observation that I refuse to accept as universal. Let’s keep that one firmly in the category of observation and not truth.. shall we?

That which we give focus to comes to pass.  Best to focus on positives while doing what can be done about the negatives.  The trick is to just do and let go.. Don’t give energy  to negatives.. Don’t give focus to negatives..  Recognize a need and do.. then dismiss it.  Hate does hurt those that hold it.. speaking of which. its time to send in my plea for that freakin ticket… sigh…

Lots to do today and its not getting done sitting here at my computer.  Carpe Diem my friends..  Be a force for good and in so doing lift yourself…  Be someone’s great day!



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