Leather sister

I am in a leather group.  There are rules and protocols and we recently got together to reaffirm our affiliation and to honor one of our own with a leather vest.  Ideally, leather is bestowed upon a member, by the group.

For example, a year or two ago we bestowed a cap on Master Karl.  A few nights ago we bestowed a leather vest upon Strong_Willed.  Both are brothers and wonderful people. Now to the crux of my thoughts here.

In our group we have Masters and Dominants.  They come with slaves and submissives.  Most of our leather family Dominants want their slave or submissive to be in the leather family as a full member… with a vote in family decisions.  I was a lone objector.

My slave is my property.  Her decisions are my decisions.  Her will is an extension of my own.  She is NOT equal.  In my mind there needed to be a difference between persons brought in as property and persons brought in as associates.

Realistically, if property is brought in as equals,  I suspect that every dominan in the family gets two votes because their slave or submissive will vote as told.  I gave up my extra vote because I wanted to set an example…

That is not to say that Izrina is not in all other ways a leather sister to members.  She will serve the interests of the group.  She will do as she is volun-told.   She will love and support her other brothers and sisters.

It sucks being alone in my thinking, but at least my family understands me.  They know that I am adamant about my property being clearly identified as property.   This is not the end of the dilemmas though.

We are also pledging a submissive without an owner as a member.  What happens when she takes an owner?   Ahhh…  the fun of being in a family.   At the end of the day, if everyone can respect each other and we all strive to get along, it will work.

Being caring, loving and supporting is more important than rules.   I trust my brothers and sisters to do the right thing always.  If we ever reach an impasse I would bow out of the family gracefully.   I hope that day never comes.   The single most important thing you can have is people that love you.    Carpe Diem my friends..  Be someone’s great day!