Sheriff of Nottingham

You know that thing where you are traveling down a road and then suddenly and for no apparent reason the speed limit drastically lowers and ten feet after you pass the sign there are flashing lights behind you???   Yeah, that thing happened the other night.

I thought the speed limit was 55….. and I was doing 50..  so I thought I was five mph under… turns out for a few hundred feet after I missed the sign I was ten mph over.

I know that hate hurts the one that holds if but for days I’ve been angry about this.  I want to be supportive of the police.. I really do.. and I think many of the problems that people complain about they brought on themselves…  but every time I speak to a cop I feel like someone just walked up to my car with a black hood and an execution axe.

Yes.. its my fault for missing the sign, but you don’t know this road.  First the speed is this, then that, and then something different again.  The speed limit goes up and down and down and up for no rhyme.  Its not for towns or business as far as i can tell.  Knowing this I was JUST turning on my GPS to give me extra speed warnings (which tells you that I was trying to keep track of the stupid changes) Too late!

If you miss a sign you are in danger until the next one.  Further down that road we drove at 35 for two miles until I finally decided it MUST be 55 now since there were no speed limits being posted for miles.. I know there were no signs… we both watched very closely looking for the return to normal speed…  So yeah. I did wrong but its also wrong to pounce on someone right after a change like that…especially on a road like that.

I’m white… I hear its worse when you are black..  I can’t image what it’s like if your fear of cops was worse…    All I know is I try really hard to be a law abiding citizen and I still cringe every time I see a cop.  And I don’t think its their fault necessarily…

If the acting king wants more gold squeezed from the peasants is it really the Sheriff’s fault?  Sure… to be the Sheriff of Nottingham you have to have to be a soulless prick with no heart beating in your chest and I am sure many a cop are power hungry sadists who wanted the tin badge and to be all important… but I also think there are good cops… I also think those kind are the minority.  I think 1 in 20 of my experiences with a cop has been good.

At the heart of my anger is the desire to change things… what can I do?   I really think the reason a cop lies in wait like that without granting a break is because they wanted to write another ticket on any victim they could trap..  Sigh…  So do they do that because they are soulless or because the town wants the gold???    What makes a cop look for juicy opportunities to write questionable tickets?

As I drove into work today there was a maroon vehicle weaving in and out of traffic going much faster than the flow of traffic.  The crazy slowed for U turn spots where cops like to sit.  I hoped to see that asshole get theirs… but of course it was someone else with flashing lights up ahead.  I just shook my head… It’s folks like me.. that are trying to do the right thing, I fear.. that get to feed the courts…

Justice is only served to what the cops see and what they see is only going to be what they look for.   I sat in a traffic court not too long ago and counted the fines up… They wrote maybe $10,000 in fines that one night..  That’s big business…  what happens to a town if that income dries up?   Why logically the town demands that the cops write more tickets.. I would think..   The whole system sucks….   I know I shouldn’t stay angry.. I’m trying….  I don’t even know who to be angry with..  probably not the Sheriff of knottingham….


And now the BDSM hook….

When I am pulled over, I am always asked… Where are you coming from?… Where are you going?   That particular night I was coming from a leather family meeting.    If you are caught off guard by that question you might just offer up an answer that will cause problems for the community.   I’ve seen way too many sites closed because of loose lips.

When  asked, I answered… “I’m coming from visiting friends”.   “We are going home”.   The last thing you want to do is give any BDSM related hints or details.  Make a note now folks.. that’s a tip I beg you to remember..  Not too long ago someone answered FMB.. and that caused tremendous problems with state and local law enforcement.

Remember that a place to play is a blessing.  No matter how pissed you may get at a place or people in it, don’t fuck the community ot the people by outing them.   When FMB opened, I thought that at last we had a safe place to play.  It was on a private residence, and there were no immediate neighbors.  I can’t go into leather family details but suffice to say FMB is under siege from within and from without.  The family is discussing what to do.

People treat this wonderful space like something they can just turn over to the better business bureau.   Or worse… complain about to the police… The simple fact is that when you seek justice in the community.. be it for a predator, a consent violator, a complaint about service, or whatever…  the heavy wheels of justice are not going to do what you think.

It is the nature of our predicament.   We are pariahs.  To some we are sick individuals who need to go to jail or counseling or a psychiatric ward.   We lead double lives.  When we have a great evening we often can’t tell our co-workers or closest family and friends what a wonderful evening we had.   We may never be able to come out of the closet as many of our LGBT brothers and sisters have.   Forgive me for being negative for a moment here.. but most people are blind, self absorbed, unthinking sheep…. It takes thought, reflection, an open mind, and lots of research on both sides of an argument to have even a modicum of  wisdom…

It’s a blessing to have a safe place to meet and play but there are always idiots can’t be happy or satisfied or even understand just what they have.  There will always be people who have to complain and make demands and threats and ruin it for everyone.   That or they treat a BDSM play space like something you can talk about with everyone and anyone.. It’s not.  We have double lives for a reason.  BDSM is NOT ready to come out of the closet.

We have people from all over the country that want to come and teach at FMB and soon it may not even be a thing.  Some days I want to just pack it all in, settle down somewhere off the grid with my slave and never leave the house.   Or maybe I’m just turning into a crotchety, grumpy old fuck.  Yeah… might be the latter thing…

Ah well.  The sun is shining and it isn’t as cold as it has been the last few days…  Go forth my friends and be someone’s great day!