The YELLOW shirt..a cautionary tale..

Gather round boys and girls and pull up a spot at the floor here at my feet.  Master X has a tale to tell.


The yellow shirt

Once there was a total power exchange slave who was very beautiful.  The Master she served was very happy with his property.. she was easy on the eyes and obedient but not always as obedient as he’d like and not always as grateful for the gift of his dominance as he’d like.

Like any good Master he set about to correct these things, often cautioning his slave that while slavery was consensual and she could exercise her right to withdraw consent, that this was a power not unlike the nuclear option.. the first time she used that power might be the last time as his slave.

All was going fairly well and so one particular day he decided to reward her.  “Put on the black slinky dress with the slit up the side I’m taking you shopping”, he said.  Her heart raised..  Master was taking her shopping!

The first stop was a nice clothing store and they browsed the dresses, red ones, black ones, and dark blue..   When Master found one appealing he sent her to the dressing room.   There she would slip out of her black dress, and slide the silky new one over her skin.  Then came the fun part..  parading out in the new dress for Master to admire.

As his eyes critically examined how the dress flowed over her firm breasts and fell between her legs… she flushed with excitement… and got a little wet… thinking how good it was to have Master desire her in this way.   She tried to steal a glance at his trousers… secretly hoping he was excited too..

Master selected two dresses.  She was a little disappointed about one not being selected but when the went to a second store, the excitement started all over again.  Master purchase one dress at the second store.. then there was a third and fourth store…

When they got home Master was followed by a very happy slave carrying a handful of wonderful new dresses.  She lovingly put all of them up on hangers in her closet.  She smoothing and stoked them, anxious to see which one Master would order her to wear first.

As she was finishing, Master came into the room and announced that he would be taking her out tonight  He tossed an old unwashed yellow shirt on the bed.  “Wear this” he said.

“But…. but… but”, said his slave….  “I have so many wonderful new dresses. Can’t I wear one of these?”, She asked.   “Just put on the yellow shirt”, he replied.   She stuck out her bottom lip and flopped on the bed.   Sad eyes and pouting, she looked at Master pleading.   He taped his foot.   “PUT ON THE SHIRT” he commanded in a loud voice.  She crossed her arms and pouted….  “I don’t want to”, she said.

Master spoke slowly, and deliberately.   “A Master should not have to repeat themselves, and they definitely should be obeyed.   I am only going to say this one more time.  Put on the shirt”, he said flatly.

Now a smart slave would have been struck with fear at those words.   A smart slave would have complied.  But this was a slave that wasn’t learning.  She didn’t understand that a Master is not to be trifled with.  She sat there, defiant with her arms crossed.

Her Master simply said, “fine.. I’m going out”.  Then he turned and walked out the door.  She was disappointed that she didn’t get to go with him.. and began to rethink her choices but it was too late.   So she sat on the bed and waited… and waited.. and waited.. until she fell asleep.

When she woke in the morning Master had not returned but there was a note by the bed.   It said simply:  “nuclear option”.   She was struck dumb with fear.   She quickly ran to the yellow shirt and put it on.  When Master finally returned he would find her in it.   She waited, and waited.   The next day found her still wearing the yellow shirt and still no Master.   So the days went until finally she took off the shirt and hung it in the closet with all the beautiful dresses.




The yellow shirt, part two

Earlier this month it was Izrina’s birthday.   She had been dropping hints about things she might like for her birthday.. or for Christmas.  Clearly she was very interested in what wonderful gift Master might bestow.. especially since on birthday’s past she had received wonderful gifts.. like a collar of consideration.. or a collar of training…

We had guests for dinner.. others gathered to help celebrate her birthday.  So when I walked in with a bag that said “Happy Birthday” on the side of it and black tissue paper coming out of the top, she fairly beamed with happiness.   “You can’t have this yet”, I said and placed it by my chair at the head of the dining room table.

Supper was laid out..  the protocol dishes all just so.. the food steaming and hot on the plates when I finally reached down and handed her the gift.   “Happy birthday dear”, I said.

She pulled out the black tissue paper and pulled out a  shirt.  “It’s very yellow” is all she said.   “Put it on”, I said.   Izrina looked at me… and complied..   It was fuzzy and not exactly the best shirt for a birthday meal… but she put it on.   “Good… now we can eat”, I said.

Some of the guests knew the story of the yellow shirt, some may have not.   So as folks ate their meal I dove into a telling of the story….. so that others would understand. The yellow shirt was a symbol of something we should all do.. appreciate what we have.  Especially in this season.

During this time of year, when people turn their thoughts and hearts to the miracles around us and we feel a little more compassion for those close to us, it is a good time to remember that appreciation comes in the little things.  Its not what the future holds or in what the past has brought us, but in what we have right here and now.  It about the happiness we bring to other.. when we strive to be someone’s great day.

As the story wound down, I reached into my vest pocket and took out a card.  In it was a very expensive gift…  a romantic gift….   a real gift..   For a worthy slave in whom the Master she serves is well pleased…


Carpe Diem my friends..  Be someone’s great day…





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