Mastress – the birth of a new word.

So.. another full open house at HOX ( house of X ).  We had to get out the extra table and chairs and had a lovely evening filled with fun discussions over a mostly protocol dinner.

I insist that Dominants be served by their slaves first.  Doms who showed up without a slave in tow.. (don’t you just love a leash?)  may request to “borrow” the service of another slave.  Next we set the switches loose on the buffet table and then finally the bottoms.

We had one queer person in attendance… queer folk are not heterosexual and are not cisgender.   Cisgender means your gender identity matches the genitalia you are born with.  So in not, not terms, what a queer person is… is someone attracted to the opposite sex.. as in the sex that is opposite of the gender they self identify as.. but is not opposite of the genitalia they were born with.  All clear now?

Mistress Muroidea who on fet lists as a GQ Dom, stated that she likes Master much more than Mistress and as I maneuvered back and forth between addressing Masters and Mistresses at one point I said: “Mastress”.

“I LIKE that!” she said.  So there you have it.  The birth of a new word.  I like it too.

So the next time you just don’t feel like “Mistress” has that certain something that you want to convey… try on Mastress for size… Maybe it fits, maybe it doesn’t.   The important thing is, if you like it you can keep it.. it’s royalty free and you heard it here first!