Smores at HOX – a volunteer opportunity

We have a lot of brush cleaning and fire pit restocking to do….

So we opened an opportunity for all volunteers and voluntolds to help out.  The sign went up at 2pm but frankly I wasn’t loving having it up that long in the broad daylight.  I am thinking of coming up with a sign that is less obvious about what is going on.

My thought was to use the leather patch design I’ve been working on.  Imagine this but without the lettering:


Might be an arbor day thing or a tree hugger thing for anyone would know.  Meanwhile down i the playroom the welcome mat is out…


Last night was so much fun, and there is still so much work to get done, that I’ve decided to extend the opportunity into today as well.  Last night we worked, and then feasted, and had an awesome evening of wine and BDSM conversation.  I also now have music capabilities for these events.

Life is GOOD!  Carped Diem my friends, be someones great day!

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