Protocols are often a very personal thing… things that the Master has selected and wants.   There is a rather well read post called “128 rules for slaves”.  I have heard people make fun of it but I think they misunderstood.  The author never meant for people to follow all those rules.  Instead, this was supposed to be a grab bag of ideas.. things that you and your slave might want to adopt.

That being said, I recently updated and republished slave Izrina’s rules, rituals, and protocols.  After some thought, I am going to publish the first three pages of her doc.  As with the 128, these are what this Master wants.  I share these to give ideas but under no circumstance should anyone think this is “how its done”.  This is my thing, my rituals, rules and protocols.. nothing more




Rituals, Rules, Protocolsxtac
For Slave Izrina
Ver 04 ( 2019 0915 )

=== === === === === === === === ===

  1. Physical contact whenever possible.  When in public this includes legs touching, holding hands, or hand on thigh.  In private or with like-minded individuals in worship position.
  2. This slave must ask permission before pleasuring herself.  And will ask at least once a month, each orgasm a gift of desire for Master.


=== === === === === === === === ===

  1. Morning Ritual: Each morning Master and slave will reaffirm their commitment to the principals of consent.
  2. 7PM protocol (Ritual): Each evening this slave will consider her day and provide the Master with three things she appreciated. The Master requires this for the happiness and well-being of this slave.
  3. Evening Ritual: This document will be kept by the bed. This slave  must read her protocols every evening before sleep (Only the protocols section)


=== === === === === === === === ===


  • General protocols
      1. Within the negotiated hard limits of this relation, this slave will be prepared to provide any service Master requires of it, including any sexual service commanded of it, at any time or place of Master’s choosing.
      2. This slave must look at Master when He is talking with her, but she must look down when Master is talking to her.
      3. This slave will acknowledge all commands with “Yes Master” (or yes in public).
      4. When walking, this slave must walk slightly behind and to Master’s right.
      5. When walking away from Master, this slave will walk heel to toe (so Master can better admire the view)
      6. This slave must sit at Master’s feet when appropriate, otherwise she must always sit on his right unless otherwise instructed.


  • Anticipatory Service
    1. This slave will be continually conscious of Master’ desire for food and drink.  If his drink is empty she will inquire if she can refill it for him. After delivering a drink this slave will inquire if she can do anything else for the Master she serves.


  • Actions when Master is away
    1. This slave will not put anything into her mouth without first texting Master what she is eating and how much she is eating
    2. This slave must send a text when she is leaving the house, When she gets to her destination, when she leaves her destination and when she gets home if Master is not there.
    3. When Master arrives from being away, this slave must present Him with his drink at the door in worship position..


  • Gentleman Sadist
    1. This slave must hand Master her coat to put on.
    2. Master opens doors for His slave.
    3. Master opens the car door for His slave.
    4. Master buckles His slave’s seatbelt.
    5. This slave cannot get out of the car until Master has unbuckled her seatbelt and opens the car door.


  • Dining protocols
    1. This slave must prepare Master’s drink.
    2. Slave will offer Master a bite of her food and wait for permission before starting eating
    3. When Master is done eating, this slave must clear the table in front of Him indicated by crossing of silverware.


  • 7PM protocol (Dining In)
    1. China, flatware, and candles will be prepared from the 7pm protocol shelf, ahead of dinner
    2. Dinner will be server promptly each evening at 7pm
    3. Dinner will be served “buffet style” allowing Masters and Owners to be served by their slaves
    4. Master will present his vest to be put on by his slave, before dinner starts
    5. Master’s slaves will show honors before being granted a seat at the table.
    6. Before this slave is seated, Master will offer to have his slave server Masters and Owners who attend without a slave
    7. After dinner is completed, all China, flatware, and other items will be lovingly cleaned and returned to their shelf
    8. 7pm Protocol China and flatware will never be used for any other purpose


  • Dining Out
    1. This slave must give Master 3 choices for her meal.
    2. This slave must give Master a bite of her food and wait for the coded permission “It’s delicious” before eating.


  • Bedtime
    1. This slaves bedtime will be affirmed each evening based on need and next day activities.  The Master requiring his property to get sufficient rest for continued good health.
    2. If Master is in bed first and slave is joining shortly after, this slave must ask permission to join Him before getting into bed.
    3. If Master is in bed first and slave will be joining much later, slave will come to Master and kneel beside the bed before being released to complete her evening activities.
    4. If this slave goes to bed first, Master tucks her in – current evening activities permitting.  If Master is engaged, slave will use the “speak sign”, then inquire if Master can attend to this slave’s bedtime protocol.



=== === === === === === === === ===

  1. Slave will be attempt in all ways to make Master shine before his peers and their fellow slaves
  2. Slave will remain attentive, and ready to serve at any moment
  3. Slave will use “speak sign” to ask for permission to speak when Master is speaking with another.
  4. Slave will look to Master to see what level of Honors to give any Dominant he speaks with.
  5. Slave will honor other Dominants at level Master specifies: Level 1 for dominants we don’t know; level 2 for friends; level 3 for Dominants Master respects. level 4 for Master.. knees apart…
  6. Slave will NEVER show honor to other Dominants with knees apart, this being a signal that she is available for sexual service.
  7. Slave will honor other Dominants by not walking between Dominants.




Carped Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

Smores at HOX – a volunteer opportunity

We have a lot of brush cleaning and fire pit restocking to do….

So we opened an opportunity for all volunteers and voluntolds to help out.  The sign went up at 2pm but frankly I wasn’t loving having it up that long in the broad daylight.  I am thinking of coming up with a sign that is less obvious about what is going on.

My thought was to use the leather patch design I’ve been working on.  Imagine this but without the lettering:


Might be an arbor day thing or a tree hugger thing for anyone would know.  Meanwhile down i the playroom the welcome mat is out…


Last night was so much fun, and there is still so much work to get done, that I’ve decided to extend the opportunity into today as well.  Last night we worked, and then feasted, and had an awesome evening of wine and BDSM conversation.  I also now have music capabilities for these events.

Life is GOOD!  Carped Diem my friends, be someones great day!