Borrowing an idea

It’s been said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.   Feel me breath ( one of the most fabulous places on this earth )  has long offered wrist bracelets for guests and I am thinking that now is the time for HOX to do the same.  I just placed an Amazon order for a bunch of wristbands in all colors, 100 of each.

I also am creating a sign for HOX to make it easy for folks to figure out what is going on, and so they can quietly remind themselves without having to ask.  Here is that sign:


Our color code will be slightly different from FMB, but that is because of my OCD.  I like the idea of a switch being purple because blue + red makes purple… makes sense to me!

I won’t go into the FMB colors and their meanings.  We borrowed what we could while sticking to the idea that a switch should be between a top and a bottom, where color is concerned.

Yup, things are really coming together.  This Friday I am throwing a SMORES at HOX labor party for volunteers and voluntolds.  We gotta restock the wood pile for those evening bonfires, and that means brush and sapling clearing.

Carpe Diem my friends!  Be someone’s great day!