Picking up speed

Open house last night was freaking awesome.

So many people, that parking is becoming an issue.  Its easy enough to get all the cars in but letting people out that want to leave early is a hassle since we have to park single file.  If the highway construction ever finishes, we can put the early leavers on the roadside.

First, there was tons of great food.. veggies for the vegans, meats, seafood, and salads.. plus chips, brownies, and other snack stuff.  Later I broke out the sandwich bars, plus strawberry short cake and chocolate eclair ice cream bars..   We never got to roasting smores over the fire which still had embers the next morning.    Dinner conversation was lively.   Nice mix of seasoned folks and newbies.

One gentleman in particular was interesting.. He was young, fit, and quiet but definitely interested.  Took a while to get to know he was hetero, into Ds and interested in rope.

Tickle Boy did a very nice foot fetish scene in the bedroom, while ImpishSoAndSo gave our young hero a 101 workshop on the finer points of rope.

Mistress Muroidea who is still in training and up until now has only been able to practice on the male gender finally got the opportunity to get her sadist kink on with a bunny of the same sex.. very hot stuff.. both for her and to watch.  She got in a little cane work, some flogging, and some Florentine practice..  I was very happy for her.  She nearly floated as she bounced out to her car.

Deka manned the grille and did a marvelous job.  He rolled in with a big cooler filled with meats and seafood.. all his donation…  There is tons left over.. He kind of went overboard on the supplies..  but no one left hungry that’s for sure.

We played a little with the violet wand.. just some demo…  Izrina threw in some boot blacking for those interested.  I finished the evening with a little fireplay for Izrina.  She must have really been needing it because she dropped so hard into subspace that she didn’t even twitch when I ran chocolate under her nose…

I didn’t even bother to dress her.. just spooned her into bed and let her crash.  The events at HOX are definitely picking up speed..  Good times!

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.


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