All things, Saint Andrews

I had a request to provide a “How to” for making a St Andrews cross.

What’s in a Name? – The St. Andrew’s Cross, crux decussata, X-cross, X-frame or saltire cross is a common piece of equipment in BDSM dungeons. It typically provides restraining points for ankles, wrists, and waist. When secured to a saltire, the subject is restrained in a spreadeagle position. 

St Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus Christ, being baptised by John the Baptist, and he was the brother of Saint Simon Peter. He was born between 5 AD and 10 AD in the Middle East where Palestine is now, specifically in Bethsaida, a village on the Sea of Galilee.  When he refused to stop preaching Christianity, he was ordered to be crucified.  It is said that he requested an X-shaped one as he felt unworthy to die on an upright one like Jesus did.

A funny story… Many years ago I was in a dungeon which is now gone.. another victim of nilla’s with pitch forks and torches.   The Saint Andrews cross I was using was securely fastened to the wall in a converted factory…. but the wall was just an eight foot high divider and when my slave started to thrash about the wall began to move.. a lot.. which caused the owner to peak in to see what the hell was going on…  He just shook his head and backed out of the room again.   On our next visit the Saint Andrews had been moved to a more secure wall.

There are many ways you could do this, but whatever you do make sure your Saint Andrews can withstand the temors of a great scene.  That means stable, anchored, and hardware with good ratings.

You can dress this up further as I will point out in a future post.  A lower back pad at the center is a nice touch.  For me the main point to this “furniture” is two fold.  First, it starts the scene in a lovely head space and second, it is there to catch a slave when they start to subspace…so use good wrist cuffs.


A picture is worth a thousand words..




I used 2″ X 6″ boards, stained with Red Mahogany on the “X”, and painted the supporting rails in a diminutive slate grey/black so the “X” pops.

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

One thought on “All things, Saint Andrews

  1. Great post! Another fun addition is a removable step. They step up, are secured, and then you pull the step and let them hang. Sooo much fun. But to have the step slide into the cross you need 2×12. And then a 2×6 slot cut in it. You can slowly pull the step from the back giving less and less space for them to stand. Of course.. I am a sadist.. so.. 😁


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