BBQ time! Play time in the playroom!

We had a lovely Fourth of July Collaring celebration and before the summer passes its time for one last big BBQ/get together.   Good food and lots of it…good company and lots of it… good play..  yeah!

The firepit has a new breather pipe to keep a stack of logs burning all night.  Fill the Tiki lights and we’ll have a great hangout.. besides the two decks, playroom and scenic/celebration area.   I’m building a rather lovely St Andrews for the play room.  I’ll put up pictures soon.  In the up right position is looks like a regular St Andrews, but screw in two heavy steel pipe legs and it flips down to become a table for Violet and fire play.

My daughter flew in from California for two weeks and its been a whirlwind of activities – between work, time together, and the HOX projects.  She has always leaned towards being a Dom, and now that she has a new boyfriend who has expressed an interested in BDSM it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops.   BDSM does not define her life as it does the lives of my slave and I..  so it will be interesting…

If being a Dom or a submissive is more of an orientation than a kink.. you would never find someone you like first and then see where if BDSM could be part of your life.   You would find someone that is into BDSM, and then see if that person could be part of your life.  But you probably already knew that… just stating the obvious.

I am really, really happy with the new BDSM furniture.   the playroom needs a lot of work, so for now we’ll just put a carpet remnant on the floor, and some drapes on the walls.  Can’t wait to put up the pics..   I have my slave doing some fine detail/paint work on the table edging and I have some other final touches to complete.. maybe another week and its ready.. just in time for people to play during the BBQ…  Life is good!

Carpe Diem my friends..  Be someone’s great day.