A nightmare

I was sound asleep and woke from a disturbing dream.  I was with two friends and we had this idea for a thought provoking film.   We didn’t want to make a big deal of it. just a little something but we needed a location.   So we approached another friend for the location and we cranked it out.

Then it sat, and sat, and sat.  No one was getting to see it.  Folks who could help get it distributed didn’t like the message.. and wanted changes.  Wind of the project became a huge story with people taking sides and fighting.  At one point there were a dozen people in a room with me all fighting.. some wanted creative control, some wanted credit or a billing, some wanted a piece of the profits… it was a mess…  and I said I just wanted to walk away.  What was happening was not what I wanted.

I woke and thought.. I bet the movie industry is like that.  Then I thought about a book I’ve wanted to write for quite some time and I thought of all the ways my book idea could quickly become a nightmare much like my disturbing dream.

I began to wax philosophical, thinking in broader terms.  It seems that no matter what you say, some people are prepared to pounce on your words, dissect them and then start an argument.   Even people I love dearly from the community are often quick to do this.

Certainly it benefits one government when discontent is sown into the fabric of an enemy government. It was suggested that Russia took out ads to sow discontent between races, ages, genders and such in the US but was that even necessary?  Aren’t people already predisposed to tear at each other over fundamental principals they hold dear.. be it religion, economics, form of government, discrimination, past wrongs, etc?

My mind turned to John Lennon, who was gunned down for no particularly important reason and who only wanted to suggest that love was the answer to all these questions I am raising now.

Love really is all we need.  In a utopian sense, it would be nice if the world placed love and kindness for all life on this planet high up our priorities list.  I realize though that one man, or woman, cannot change the world.  Oh, I know some have tried and their words have been written down and millions have tried to understand and follow their teachings but no matter how pure a person’s intention to make better the world, there will never be agreement.  We must each listen to council, to the words of those that make sense to us, and decide for ourselves what is right.  That’s where everything begins to fall apart.

Every religion has split into factions.  Every government.  Every group.  Every expert who ever existed or will exist will be challenged, debated, contradicted, attacked.  Its a nightmare.


Izrina and I just came from a munch yesterday.  You can ignore almost everything above.  I started out not wanting to go, but I also know how every one of these munches or dungeon trips goes – so we went.   When I get among my own kind, the conversations turn interesting and spicy and soon I don’t want to leave.

I love the folks I hang out with.   Sure we have our debates but the people I tend to prefer are more optimistic than pessimistic, more flexible than intractable, in short.. good people to be around.

When you project pessimism like I did at the start of this, you draw more to you.  Erase erase!.  Think positive and you make positive.  Making a better world for everyone is more complicated than just love.  Its also about optimism and maintaining a child like appreciation for the wonders around us.   More important than any of that though is what we focus on and hold in out hearts.

I am very happy now with where I am in life.   I have a wonderful slave.  I have good friends in community.  I am in a time and place where I can live my life without interference the way I want.  Perhaps I cannot be as open or honest about my life as I would like but I think the future can be better.   We just have to focus on that love thing together.  Carpe Diem my friends.  Be someone’s great day.




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