A celebration

Fourth of July will be our first yearly collaring celebration.    What does that mean?   It means we’ll renew our vows.  Not really a startling concept.  A Master I knew used to have a yearly contract with his slave that was renewed each year.

Renewal, like spring, is not a bad idea.  It is very easy to get caught in rut doing the same things every day until nothing is fresh and everything starts to slip and slide.  Doing a reset.. a renewal.. reminds us why we started this journey together.

The setting of this celebration is our own little slice of paradise.




We’ll start by offering to hear others give a brief renewal.. of their love, or slavery, or marriage.  The type of vow is not as important to this celebration as the sharing with friends of our connections.

Then Izrina and I will repeat our vows.. the ones forever locked in our ceremony keepsake, surrounded the by the sands and blessing of our dear friends.

And finally, in case anyone was moved by the events so far and regretted not stepping up sooner, we’ll offer one last time the opportunity to give a brief renewal.

Then, we will feast.   Weather permitting we will start a large bonfire, and enjoy the night, surrounded by the love and warm.  And we will think of those we have known that have come into our lives and could not share today… but all will be in our hearts.

Carpe Diem my friends… Be someone’s great day.