Like a frightened turtle

Or this might have been titled.. Skinny dipping with Master…

Last weekend we went to a lovely BBQ with our Kinky friends and as the mid-afternoon sun really started to heat up I thought we should head down to the watering hole and enjoy a cool dip.

We had not brought our bathing suits but nudity is not really an issue in the dungeons with our friends so why should this be any diff?

Well, long story short.. very short.. because the water was cold… VERY cold… which of course ensures things are really short…  Ever seen the Seinfield episode?


George – Do women know about shrinkage?

Elaine – What do you mean, like laundry?

George – Nooooooo    ( long meaningful stare )

Jerry – Like when a man goes swimming.. (long meaningful pause)  afterwards…..?

Elaine – ( Looks surprised ) It shrinks?

Jerry – Like a frightened turtle!

Of course I shucked my clothes right away.. I have no problem with my body and its good to make the others feel comfortable.  But what does a Master do, knowing that he is going to slip into water knowing that everything is going to be absolutely freezing.. while naked?

I dipped in a toe and it was worse than cold.  It was freaking freezing.  I found a nice spot where the water ran around a large rock ledge and created a nice deep back pool and slipped in.

I said quite loudly…. “It suddenly warmed up over here!.. Oh wait.. never mind it got cold again.. Must have been me.”  I got a few knowing chuckles.  After about five minutes I was either warming up or going numb.  Couldn’t really tell any more.  Either way it was bearable after that.

The trek back winds through an old quarry that is barren, rocky, hot and feels like death valley.  Someone asked if we were sweating yet.. not a chance…. My legs were just starting to warm up again.  In fact they stayed cold for a good 20 mins after I got out.

And did I give it another thought?  Did I worry what anyone thought?  Of course not.  Life is too short to worry what other people think.. All I need to worry about is what my slave thinks… and that she is happy.  I would say she is quite happy.

Carpe Diem my friends…  Be someone’s great day.