What will you do for me?

It was another kinky night and the Dom in the corner sat alone as usual. Not that he wasn’t dark, brooding, sexy, and desirable.. he was. The problem was that he was unapproachable. Well… you could walk up any time, say anything.. but every slave who tried this tucked tail and came back with tales of an asshole. No one could please him.

There is no explaining why the slave approached him that night. It’s not like she had a chance. Just earlier a very vivacious brunette had approached him. “What will you do for me”? he asked her. “Any thing you want” she said. “I live to serve a strong controlling man.” He dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Go away” he said, “You are not for me.” Crushed and puzzled, she slunk away.

So when a somewhat plain looking blonde approached, some people snickered. She sat down next to him without a word. His hawk like gaze fixed upon her and she twitch a little inside but held her ground. He smiled, “What brings you to my corner?” He asked. “I wish to serve you.” she replied. He let out a sigh, took a deep breath, and asked…“What will you do for me”? “Nothing” she said.

He grinned. “I thought you wanted to serve me?” He asked. “I do.” she said. “You have peaked my interest” he replied, his eyes gleaming with pleasure and mischief. “How will you do nothing for me, and yet serve me?” “I will serve you” she said, “but I will do it for me. It is my pleasure to serve. In this process, I do what I do to please myself. And if what I do to please myself, also pleases you , we both win.”

He stopped grinning. With his right hand he reached into the inside breast pocket of his jacket and took out a collar that had been in his possession for a very long time. He offered it in his outstretched hand. “We have much to discuss”, he said. “Before another Master snaps you up I would like to put a collar of consideration on you. Will you except this first step so that we may begin negotiations towards a training collar?”

Without a word, she stood up, approached him, and knelt before him. She held her long hair up for him, so the he could access her neck. They walked out together, both silent, cutting a path through the shocked room. After they left, the whispers started, all guessing and speculating what had just happened.

But some Owners and slaves knew and didn’t need to join in the gossip. They knew that a Master needs a slave who finds freedom in their chains. It is in service that a true slave finds their wings. It is a happy coincidence that they please the one they serve but what they are really doing is pleasing themselves.

Every slave has a deeply held need, that they have often told no one. And when a true Master comes along he or she unlocks that secret, and then feeds that slave back on their own hunger. This is how a Dom becomes a Master.

On the Fourth of July, 2018 Izrina found freedom in her final collar. In three weeks we will celebrate. Carpe Diem my friends, Be someone’s great day!

3 thoughts on “What will you do for me?

  1. Author’s note: This is fiction.. but in a sense it is not. Some is drawn from real life, but from different people and various times. It is only by from drawing from reality, I can recreate authenticity.


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