Significant adjustments (between the ears)

Significant others…. 

We acquire them through marriage or sometimes by choosing  to live together..  The thing is, when you first move in with a new person there are going to be significant adjustments living with your new significant other.

Oh sure, there are the obvious things like one person being a night owl while the other is a morning person… but some things can be harder to manage.  When it comes to a clean house, there are at least two schools of thought on that..

Some people just want to come home, plop on a couch, and veg.  It doesn’t matter if the carpets need cleaning or dust is building up, or even if a few stray pizza boxes need disposal.  For such persons a little clutter doesn’t even hit “their radar”.  For them, life is for living and you don’t give up valuable time on stuff that is just going to need cleaning again in a few days.

Then there are the fastidious cleaning nazi’s who will crush you like a bug if you don’t put something back were it belongs or spit and polish after yourself.   God forbid you simply picked up or just did a basic cleaning.. no… the counters or coffee table better shine there little mister!

Somewhere in between is nice.. at least I think so..  but it really all depends on how you lived from an early age, what you took away from that, and how you choose to live on your own.


The BDSM hook..

You’ve been reading me too long if you saw it coming… yeah.. here comes the BDSM hook.

If the Dom is a fastidious cleaning nazi, then obviously his or her slave is going to be on their hands an knees and not just for some dirty play.. at least not the fun kind.  Get out the mops, bucket, plastic gloves, and Lysol baby!  Daddy’s home!

If the Dom is a.. well slob.. the slave will probably be governing choices on how clean things are.  A sloppy Dom doesn’t care but if the slave is likes things cleaner. At least not as long as the sex is hot and available on demand.

But wait.. there’s more!

Lets start with the first scenario.  If the Dom can’t live in anything less than a spit and polish home, the slave may or may not enjoy that.  It depends.  If they hate the cleaning but like the control, it might be just fine.  If they hate the cleaning more than they like the control there is going to be a problem.  And if the slave is the sex or S&M and not at all into the Ds side there is definitely going to be a problem.

Now lets look at the other scenario.  If the Dom is a slob.. they probably won’t care how much their slave cleans until they start nagging them to pick up after themselves…  If the slave giving off micro aggression it means they are slowly building up pressure.  At some point they are either going to explode or give in to the new lifestyle and just accept it.

A top that is completely into Ds needs a slave who can be happy with that and visa-versa.  Never forget there are three break downs in BDSM..  BD-Bondage & discipline, Ds-Dom & sub, SM-sado masochism.   A sadist needs a masochist like a Dom needs a sub.  For a great union, it is best if you both want the same things out of BDSM.


And that is the way of it.  Some things can change and some things cannot.  You can accept your new significant and possibly make some significant adjustments yourself.. or call it quits.   Odd that it could just end over nilla stuff… but it can.

All of which reminds us to be wise at the start.  Make sure you’ve done more than get between the legs of your new significant or you will be making significant changes yourself.   You need to get between their ears more than their legs.  That is where you find out if you share a pleasure that will lasts… and if your individual quirks can be worked out.  Don’t just find out about your BDSM needs.  A long term has much more to it than that.

Truth be told, more often than not the slave just has to suck it up.. in more ways than one.  If you are a Dom and have found one of those rare beauties who thrive on such things than you are most blessed because getting along is assured.  Just know that there are no guarantees with a slave or an Owner.   What once was, still is and always will be…buyer beware.  Get between the ears…

Carpe Diem my friends… be someone’s great day.


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