The long road

Every journey begins with a single step.  That step is often insignificant measured against the seemingly endless journey ahead.

The universe is vast.  The people in it endless.  You can jump from one great writer to another on the internet and never be sated when first you dip your toe into BDSM.  So many delicious slaves..  so many masterful owners…   such yummy things to say.

I am but one Master.. monogamous…  with one slave.  What significance do I have in a world of other slaves and Dominants?

None really.


And yet it does not matter.  I am happy.  My slave pleases me.  I am building HOX.  It cannot fail because I am not in this for fame, glory or riches.   My slave and I are not going anywhere.

We are here for ourselves first.  To live and love this kinky life.  We are here second for the community.. to serve.  The House of X is dedicated to education, to the rights and  freedoms of those for whom consent is a foundation, and for whom Dominance and Submission is an orientation rather than a choice.

The secret of the long road is to only look ahead for navigation.  Keep you heart and your mind on the adventure of now, the wonders of the journey, the magic of each moment.


Sno, a beloved sister and founder of one of the most awesome dungeons ever.. “Feel me breathe”.. has to eliminate her public listings for awhile.  It is what I wrote about in my last blog… the anger and frustration that comes of the drama that almost everyone sees if they are in community long enough.

It is one more reason why I am in no rush to publicize or promote HOX.   Better to develop a small core of solid friends than to worry about numbers and all that jazz.

The internet is a big world and there are many wonderful people here with so many wonderful things to say… and rightfully so.  BDSM is a place for the heart like no other.  If a few find their way into my world, that would be grand.


To get the most out of your own road, your own journey… take your time.  There is no destination you must rush to.  Listen.  Learn.  Do not compromise…. especially is you wish to give it all…  I am talking to the slaves now.

Rushing to the wrong master will end in sorrow.   BEFORE you give all you need to negotiate.  Learn what that means.  You can start here.  There are areas in which you wish to give all.  There may be areas you wish to discuss.  You CAN have hard limits, though you should negotiated these sparingly.  Trust is more important than limits.  Learn how to judge who you can trust and remember:   “Words are easy but actions speak volumes.”

Perspective.  You don’t see the long road at first.  At first things move fast.  Everything is exciting and new.  But as in any journey the view changes with each step.   Let your mind remind your heart that what you see and feel today will not be so tomorrow.

I have been blessed with many wonderful acquaintances over the years.  Some have faded while others have moved ever closer in my inner circle.  These are people whom I love dearly, and look forward to seeing again.

To my brothers and sisters whom I see and have not seen in a long time.. to my kindred spirits and to those for whom BDSM is an orientation, not a lifestyle.. my friends.. Carpe Diem.  Be someone’s great day!