A little place in Alaska

Some days I just want to retire from the human race, find a quiet spot in Alaska far from any humans, create a little paradise of my own with Izrina and be done with it all.

Positive thought begets positive results.  Negative thought begets a negative outcome.

Not sure how that fits with my Alaska day dream except that at times there is so much negativity that it drives me to that day dream.  Positive thoughts are the fix.  We all need to look for the good in people.. to find the kernel inside that wants to do good.  Not that we should turn away from recognizing true evil, but we must also consider the degree and the frequency of unrepentant abuse in balance with the sum of a persons actions when judging character.   And we must never forget that it is a persons actions that tell what is in their heart, not their words.  A person can speak one way and have actions that are entirely different.  Action always speaks louder than words.

Sounds appealing though at times.    A quiet forest glade where the only violence is perpetrated by bears rummaging for food.

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At HOX last night,  the question came up if it is better to be free or be in a long term relation.  The answer will change depending on your desires and values.  Are you poly?  Do you care if your significant other plays with others?  How comfortable are you living alone?  Don’t think there is a “one size fits all” answer.

It should go without saying that for this Master, escaping to my forest getaway would mean nothing if I didn’t have my most valuable possession with me.  What would I do with my nights without my slave?

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Been crazy busy working days and evenings turning HOX into a nice place to visit.  Gotta go..  there is stone and cement work waiting…




Back.. in the saddle again.

And by saddle I mean my online life.   I know, I know…   from time to time I just disappear from my online life.  Sorry.  Rest assured that in my real life where I live Ds full time – that life is good.  Time to share some of it.


WTF Flogging, a 101 for leather massage

I did a flogging workshop at the Cabaret recently.   Izrina and I had fun with it, starting with the name of the workshop.  After setting up a couple of bar stools and laying out a number of our toys on a table nearby, we began with a quick question… Can anyone guess what the WTF in the work shop name stands for?  You can well image that everyone assumed it was what you might think  – – but it was not.

The “W” was for “Why do we do this?”   The “F” was for “Flying”.. which is one step beyond the subspace we all know and love.  The “T” was for “The Technique” we would use to fly.  So it began.. a short speech on why we do this and a description of the end result that could be flying..  a step beyond subspace if you will.   Then we got down to the fun business of making Izrina fly.

The workshop went well enough but if we do this again at the Cabaret, next time I’ll make sure to bring a sweet for when she is coming back up out of it, and my velcro straps to put on a support pole so I can create restraints that keep her from falling.

Not that she fell.. but I had to have a guest help support her about two thirds into it because there was a point where staying upright was getting in the way of flying… which isn’t normally a problem when you have a St Andrews cross with restraints. The Cabaret did not have one.   I can set up an anchor point on the fly but didn’t show up thinking I would need to.


Suspension for young adults

I also have to make good on a promise to visit a young couple who have some lovely beams in their tiny apartment which will lend itself very well to a nice evening of bondage and suspension.   More on that when we get there….