Another HOX

Another HOX meeting..

But first, the promised picture of our newly collared pet…
Her scene name is “Princess X”


“Princess X” inspects the candles before the next HOX meeting!


The latest meeting was a few days ago but it seems that I just can’t find any free time lately.   The meeting was wonderful even if we did end a little early owing to the bad weather and the drives home that folks had to make.

I brought up the subject of regret, which provided some lively conversation.  Its an interesting subject and one I may devote a blog to.  We learn from out mistakes and each bad decision is an opportunity to learn to make better judgements in the future… so when is it appropriate to regret?  When is it not?

What was particularly cool was that after the dishes were cleared away we did a bondage training/scene.  I love watching the faces of those learning and those experiencing.

Those that are learning are facing that interesting dip into “slave frenzy”.  Its a condition that many who are new to BDSM experience where you can’t get enough interaction and its all so freaking exciting.  You want to try it all and you want to try it all the time.

Then there are the moans and eye fluttering of those experiencing… that delicious moment where you can see their consciousness teetering in and out of that lovely head space we all crave so much.

Princess X didn’t get in the way as much as I though she might, which was nice.  Think I’ll keep this one short, so Carpe Diem my friends.. go be someone’s great day!



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