A new collaring at HOX

I met this stunning beauty with red hair, collared her and took her home to the House of X.  Now…

Izrina and I are not Poly.  Izrina didn’t pout.  In fact, I think Izrina might love her more than I do.  So now I am the Master of two girls in HOX.  It was a long drive out to pick her up so Izrina and I made a day of it.  Her previous owner seemed to approve of us, so that went well.  Before you the wrong idea, my newly collared pet has four feet.

The newest family member at the House of X is a long haired miniature Dachshund.   Izrina thinks she looks more like a Cocker Spaniel.  Maybe.

My first interest was in her training…  a strict regiment of control, praise, and carefully timed treats.  I started with laying out the plan and making sure Izrina knew to follow it.  Izrina was more interested in snuggling and nose kisses.  I pointed out to Izrina that I am her Master but so is she.   Did that make her a Master too?

Nah… Izrina is an Alpha slave.. or will be one day..  That title fits her best.   We had a lot of fun though with the whole collaring, Master, pet terms.  More than one joke there.  Lots of training and attention to follow, which from my perceptive is just plain fun.

She is so tiny and precious.  Every one who sees her wants to hold her and breaks into the whole cuddling baby talk thing.    It heart warming.  I’l post a picture in my next blog.

Life is good.  Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.





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