I live it, then I write it.. sometimes

If you ever read my first blog or two, somewhere in there I stated something along the lines that I wasn’t seeking an audience.  I am not looking to build my fan base, or pump up my numbers.  I live it, then I write about it.  If that interests you, great.  If not, move on.  I simply can’t invest the emotional resources into caring if anyone else cares.  This blog is all about the value you may find in what I can share, the insights that may help, nothing more.  I like to help.  Its the gift that gives back.

Dear reader, know that my real life as a Master and slave owner is more important than all the electronic world can ever be.  Don’t be sad though, I love that you visit or comment.  I am just trying to explain me..

I don’t live for text.  I don’t have a Facebook account.  I don’t twitter.  Sometimes, very rarely, I snapchat.  Some days I don’t get to my email, or my blog.  Snail mail forget about.  That can pile up quite a bit before I get to throwing out all but the one of two of any interest at all.  I often delete notification of blogs I might have read, because I am that far behind on my electronic life.  Its my real life I live for.

If you look forward to my next install, I appreciate that. It means a lot to me.  If something I have to say has value for you, that pleases me.  I like to think I have learned a thing or two along the way and have a few valuable nuggets to share. That plus its good when we find someone that clicks with the way we think.

You may have noticed there are times when I don’t write for days.  Sometimes weeks.  Hell, I had a few periods where I didn’t check my electronic life for a couple months.  It happens with me.  When you read, you please me.  When you interact you become important to me.  When you become very important, I invite you into my world.

In my world there is always lots to keep up on in my second, electronic life. When I do get to my electronic life, its about this blog, and other peoples blogs, and of course my Fetlife presence as Xtac, the leader of DSG and course the House of X.  Perhaps I am too busy.   I don’t think I checked my gmail in about two weeks.  Tonight we go to a munch.  Busy, busy..

I like it this way.  You don’t need to hear from me all of the time.  I imagine it is nice to get a periodic,  thought out blog, rather than something you have to keep up with.  I am not here to prove something.  I don’t have something to share everyday.   I am here to take my real life, share it when something interesting happens, and see if there is something we can learn.

Here is the thing to remember.  If you made it here, I am honored to have your visits and thoughts.  If you made it into my inner circle I am honored to be there for you.  You will know you are there because you can just call me.   If you live nearby, you can visit any time. If we are friends call me or visit.  Dinner is at 7.   I make exceptions for friends.

I see people all around rising up, starting groups and blog sites.  Everyone is carving out a place.   Some electronically.  I don’t care.  I am not going anywhere and I am not competing for attention.  My follower count goes up and down.  Not important.  If this works for you, you’ll stay.  If not you will move on.   Real friends are a bit like lovers..you can’t force the relationship.  It has to just happen.. and when it does it often lasts a lifetime.

If any of the folks I call friends want to call or visit they will be welcomed.  If I can help, it’s my pleasure.  Better to have a small group of dependable friends than a large group of strangers on a list of friends.  Regardless of how life goes, Let me always be remembered for.. Carpe Diem.. be someone’s great day!