Just above silence

Does anyone really need to say anymore that everyone is different?  Probably not but let’s throw that disclaimer out there anyway.

It’s all about me.  I’m a Dom and a Master.  I like being the center of attention.  I like discussing anything and everything and on nearly any subject I have a sell established line of thought with some caveats you may or may not have already considered.

As much as I enjoy bringing new information to a discussion of any subject, I also enjoy when someone brings something new to me.  I like to sharpen my wit and my arguments.  To sharpen steel you need something harder.

Not all conversation is good though.  There is nothing worse than a blathering idiot spouting off insistently.

And that leads me to my slave.  I was trying to kiss her goodby this morning.  I hovered over her, just inches from her mouth, and she was still talking about bonsai trees and her plans to make some.  I grinned..  Then I said, “some women are chatty.”  

Then I observed:  “Some slaves are very outspoken, but I find that annoying.  Some slaves are always silent and that can be a problem.  I like a slave who is just above silence”.  Now it was Izrina’s turn to grin.

It is not easy finding a great life partner.  There are so many ways you can be compatible and yet so many other ways you can annoy each other.

If you are new to BDSM head my warnings.  Take it slow.  Go through the three collars: consideration, training, final.  Negotiate every step of the way.   Make a solid commitment at each step.

Dominants need to do this to make sure you are not compromising your desires.  Slaves, you need to do this because it is your right and your need.   Better to wait and get the right Master or Mistress for you than commit and break that commitment because you didn’t make a good choice of who to offer your submission to.

There are a number of areas to negotiate and not all of them need to be negotiated at first meet, or even at the time of the consideration collar.  Obviously you will negotiate access to your mind and body, that is a given.  But you must also consider money.  You need to decide how division of assets will work and who controls what.  Then there may be children.  Money and children break up more marriages so why should it be any different for a BDSM relation?  Lastly there is the question of spiritual beliefs.  If God and your belief structure is above all else this needs discussion.

I am blessed.  My slave fits me in so many ways.  In the way we do things and the things we like and the way she fulfills my need to control.  That plus it is her natural inclination for conversation to be just a bit above silence.  Well, normally.   Works for me!

Carpe Diem my friends, be someones great day!

2 thoughts on “Just above silence

  1. This is a less easy issue for us. Kit knows sometimes she should speak but doesn’t have the words or temperament at the time to speak them. Without these words I’m often too novice to catch the clues that something is going wrong. Training her to be more open and amiable has been one of the biggest challenges and most rewarding successes in our relationship.

    Because once that is in place. So many other obstacles become non-factors.

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  2. @Masterbun You bring up an excellent point. As a Master you can just shutdown the chatter, the noise, the complaints… but then you are just creating a bubbling cauldron that is going to explode one day. It is quite a feat to rewire a person for appreciation. It is this very thing though, an appreciation for the little things, a pension for the positive, a love of life.. that makes each day worth living. Only through constant attention, intolerance for infraction, and dedication to your Mastery can you help you both achieve this goal.


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