That’s just funny right there…

Not what I was expecting, but its too good to not share..


Of course this has reality issues for good BDSM folk.  First, this Dominant is keeping their secret from the one they love.  That is just wrong on so many levels.

She is lying to her life partner.  If he isn’t into poly-play then she is cheating on him too.  She is living a double life and sharing with no one.  How sad and lonely!  Ultimately if this is her real self, she’ll have to come clean or leave him..  The list of problems goes on and on.

Now imagine for a moment we changed the girl to a guy.  The guy stays home, not working for paycheck but also not working at home.  He is spending his whole day playing with other women.  Wouldn’t we jump to the concussion this was just plain wrong even faster?  Why is that?

For me to see myself in this picture, I need to be the Dominant.  What would work for me is if the girl is an alpha slave to me…  Dom to her little subbies and slave to me… that works.  I don’t care if the subbies are male of female.  The fun is in the control.  I can’t see me being the one to stay home.. at least not until I’m retired. hmmm…



3 thoughts on “That’s just funny right there…

  1. @Isabella LeCour – When the husband looked surprised at the door there is that moment of suspense.. which is when I was really amused. Sound like you got a good chuckle too. I am pleased.


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