No tentacles on the table please!

Show of hands.. How many of you had a mother who admonished…. NO elbows on the table please! ?  Yeah, mine too.   Not sure where that rule came from. I am sure its is something like why people eat with their fork upside down.. a thing done to not look like you are shoveling the food into your pie hole.

I had to make an exception though for tentacles.  We already use a carafe for 7pm protocol, so when I saw this I just had to add it to the House of X meals..


There is a thing about tentacles and damsels in distress and I must profess to have attractions to both.

First, Damsels in distress.. The whole notion of the innocent and beautiful damsel carried of by the villain or monster.. her clothes torn, a hint of her breasts exposed, the terror and uncertainty of intent.  What does he want with me?

Then there are tentacles, the rope like bondage, the movement over skin, the size and number leading to complete mobilization.  Often the tentacle is re-imaged as the ultimate large phallic symbol.  Male Octopus in fact do have a tentacle specifically designed to inject sperm.

They are highly intelligent, jet propelled, and able to camouflage them selves or being boneless, able to slip into the smallest of openings.  It is easy to both admire and perhaps be a hesitant about being close to one..  just like a Master..

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.