Happy Thanksgiving

I am aware that celebrating Thanksgiving on this date in November is a USA thing. Other countries celebrate in a similar way, on different days.  Most are a celebration of a bountiful harvest, giving thanks that we will survive the cold of winter when nothing grows.

From my quotes:

I am thankful for beautiful skies, my inner guide, and the universe through which I offer myself as a conduit. I am thankful for my canvas, she with whom I practice serving those who serve. I am thankful for that which gives meaning to my life. I am thankful for those who have shared moments with me, letting me be part of their life.   As I become part of their life so too they have become part of mine. ~ Xtac Quote, Thanksgiving 2014


And now for some elucidation.. which is my way…

Giving thanks is something much more important than most realize.  When we give thanks we show gratitude.   Gratitude in turn is a turning point in which we shift our focus from what is wrong in our lives to what can be  appreciated.   It is in this subtle shift that your whole world comes alive.

There are numerous studies and advocates for gratitude as being critical to a happy life.  Oprah Winfrey for example has long promoted the need for gratitude.  For a deeper dive into the need for gratitude, see “Two rituals, part 3”


Moving from theory, to life…

Today is a brand new day.  What you focus on will determine just what kind of day you make.  Even if the bills are crushing, the family is rushing, and everything is a mess.. Outside there is crisp cool air.  Don’t forget to stop and take a deep breath.  Inside something may be cooking and the smell will be wonderful.  Step back and there may be the sound of voices.  Or perhaps you live alone… So start something cooking…  Don’t have a great day, make one.

And while you are figuring out just how to make a great day, remember this.  Happiness is often found in the satisfaction of getting things done.  Work is often a blessing.  Working to help others is twice the blessing.   Seize this day!  Be thankful for the opportunity to be part of something.  Go forth, and live.  Be someones great day.. even if it is in the small things like a smile for a stranger or holding a door.  Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!  And give thanks for the opportunity to do so.