1950’s housewife headaches

When you start a 1950’s housewife Master/slave relation you don’t expect to hear: “Not now dear, I have a headache”.  Seriously..  When I want some slave action, its go time.

That being said, any Master worth their salt is going to care about the health of their slave.  Much like an employer you expect your slave to “call in sick” once in a while and of course you are concerned.  But you also expect the trust you give and the concern you show, will not be abused.

It needs saying that there is no direct comparison between an employers tolerance for sick days and a Master’s.  Work should ideally be somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 hours a week.  Slaves are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   That’s 168 hours a week, less sleep and work so we’ll say our beck and call girls are going to get demands as much as 72 hours a week.  A little less than double the normal work week.  When a slave is sick they don’t skip eight hours they skip twenty four.  It’s a whole different thing.

Because slavery is so pervasive its probably a good idea to give your slave some “down time”.   This is a subject entirely different from sick time, but it is worth mentioning here.  Down time is time that is their’s to use as they see fit..  with parameters and guidelines of course.  Down time is a good thing.  Its good for the slave feeling overwhelmed and its good for the hard core needy slave.  Both can benefit from a little down time.  Hopefully it leads to an appreciation when things  “get back to normal”.. by which I mean back under Master’s thumb again.

Downtime is helpful because of the number of hours a slave is dominated.  That time though has nothing to do with headaches, cramps, bloating, and the plethora of other ailments that can make your slave feel less than sexy.  Back to the subject at hand.

There was a slave who had cancer, and her Master did not let her off the hook for her duties.  And when questioned he simply said, “She needs this”.   Each person and case is different but for this particular slave and situation it was the best thing for her.

More often then not, a slave will find that the firm hand of Master leads to the epiphany that they can muscle through.. and then comes the curious sense of satisfaction of having beaten back the obstacles.   I builds character.  It strengthens the kind of discipline we seen in the military.  The Master’s own brand of discipline can be rewarding on many levels.  It is a Master’s job to recognize and address things like procrastination, delay tactics,  and excuses.

But what of the legitimate need for rest when a slave is truly, very, very sick?  It should go without saying that a Master then needs to become the Doctor.   Thermometer in hand, we need to check their temp, feed them lots of liquids, and tuck them into bed.

Don’t think though, that getting that kind of treatment is going to come easy from this Master.  Coming to me with “I’m not feeling well” is probably going to be met with hands on my hips and the question:  “Are you REALLY going to use one of your sick days?”      I have little tolerance for “slave sick days”.   If you are sick, you better be throwing up or have a fever.  I need symptoms I can measure before my sympathy can even start to kick in.

Now you may wonder how many sick days I take.  Damn few.  My company saves the unused sick days and think I’ve accumulated over 300 days in the piggy bank.  I would rather call in dead, than sick..  Fortunately, I have an office and can sequester myself to keep the rest of the office from catching whatever I am trying to work through.  I like to think I lead by example.

Getting back to slaves, I often hear my mother questioning me as a child when I wanted to get out of school  I think I take a lot of my thoughts about slave days off from my childhood.  Slaves can be a lot like children trying to get out of going to school.  Their tummy aches until they are off the hook then it time to run and play… just like mine did when I was a child.

Just my two cents.  Maybe I am too much of a hard ass but again…  its been my experience as a father and a Master that its best to have measurable factors before softening.   Plus,  I would rather err on the side of being tough, than soft.  Its a better choice all around.  Too tough can earn a grudging respect but too soft has no upside.  The absolute last thing I want happening is for my slave to “get over on me.”  A slave outwitting the Master should be a very rate occurrence, if ever.

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.



8 thoughts on “1950’s housewife headaches

  1. @MysticalKitty Indeed. Its not always milk and honey in any life. At this time I am actually in pretty good spirits as is Izrina, but that “edge” is never far away… the moment when there is a battle of will’s. Some things are just done….no questions.. no need for monitoring or inspection. Other times not so much. Here is the upside of that.. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is that very state of flux which keeps things fresh and exciting.

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  2. Maybe I lost the understanding of that edge in the times when I was both creator and monitor of rules and rituals in the hands of an ever absent master…
    …eventually I walked away, after getting tired of nagging (?!) and begging for attention


  3. @MysticalKitty – I am very sorry to hear of your brief description of an all too common heartache. My heart goes out to you. It is very uncommon for a bottom to successfully make their partner over into a top..

    Anyone can top for 90 days or so.. but time wears on and old habits slip back in.. Without the burning desire to be a Master, there is often a failure to find the creativity and drive to keep it fresh.. The little things start to slip and it all falls apart.

    Being a Dom or a slave is more than just kink for some of us. When we don’t get what we need, we can only resign ourselves to live with unrequited desire or move on. Both are terribly emotional charged choices.

    As for your history intruding on this discussion, I too have history in this. I dealt with a woman who never met a doctor or surgeon she couldn’t convince to treat her for something. So I too have history intruding perhaps on my feelings about this subject.


  4. @HeartsHope – I wonder myself. I love my slave but if she became am burden, I would have to forgo all of the things that I identify as in order to fulfill the requirements of love and trust.

    I believe love and patience would be my higher calling. As a solution to my needs though, I would want to go poly which in turn would certainly destroy the relationship I have now, since Izrina could never be poly.

    For now, we are both very happy, and I hope we can stay this way til death’s veil intercedes.


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