Ye Old “MY Master”

My slave never says “My Master”.  It is part of her earliest training.  Pardon me while I recount yet again why.

When you first start slave training, a Master should “reset” a slave’s whole mindset about who they are and what life with a Master is going to be like.  Even an experienced slave needs to start fresh, to wipe away the cobwebs of past Masters, to begin again the journey of submission.  There are a few things we do along these lines… we take away a name and play games like “what are you now?”  It is also important that the notion of being property, there for the use of the Master be a strong presence.  Anything less than being an extension of the will of a Master, won’t do.

Towards that end, NOT using the phrase, “My Master” is useful as a constant reminder that ownership is the right of the Master and not the slave.   Later it may have less meaning as it becomes second nature to think in the terms dictated by Master.  At first though it can be interesting to monitor for slip ups, and extract apologies.  I do so love extracting apologies.


“What is thy bidding my Master”


Who cannot listen to the word of Darth Vader and not have strong feelings about such a strong and powerful character  kneeling in malleable obedience and submission to another?  There are certainly strong feelings wrapped up in claiming a Master… thoughts along the lines of  “This is the one I serve.. this is MY Master”.

Izrina has been in my service a very long time. Perhaps I mused, it was time to give her the gift of being able to speak the words.  Certainly at this  point in our relation, she is not going to backslide into some nilla monster picking and choosing what she will and won’t do for me.

Right?  Maybe.  Its dangerous territory letting down your guard, slipping into assumptions, letting subtle and small infractions slip.

A Master serves just as surely as does the slave.  A Master MUST provide that strong dominant hand that lets their charge know that the things they would not do for themselves, you will make them do.  It is what you are there for.   If you cannot do this, a slave doesn’t really need you.

I gave the idea time, mulling it over in my mind.  To offer or not offer.  The devil on one shoulder arguing.. “what could it hurt”?   The voice of experience cautioning against such destructive changes.

I asked her anyway.. “Would you like” I asked, “permission to say My Master”?  I hope dear reader, that you are jumping ahead in your mind to her answer.  Would she gravitate to the warmth of embracing a sweetness so long denied?  Would she be so well trained that she was incapable of wrapping her head around a pleasure drawn from the forbidden?

We were lying in bed, talking as so many couples do when this subject came up.  She turned to me and said quite simply: “No”.   I pressed the matter… “Are your sure?”.  Again she was brief: “Definitely”. Dangerous ground that question.  I smiled and thought it but didn’t say it… “Good Girl!”

Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day!