Hopeless romantic.  Is that a dying breed?  So many marriages fail. So many people will caution you… don’t get married, it never works out the way you hope. LTRs.. Long Term Relationships.. is this even possible anymore?

Some folks will profess a desire to find one true love.  Others will be so tainted by soured relations as to never hope again.  Still ohers will claim to be an incurable romantic… hoping against hope that somewhere out there is the man or woman of their dreams.  Some of these folks are already the wrong person.. but still they have a dream that one day they can live, laugh, and love with the person that completes them.

That completes them…. words spoke by a Master and slave.  The Master completes the slave as the slave completes the Master.  It is a formula much closer to the dream of the hopeless romantic.

I am no spring chicken.  I’ve lived and loved a lot.  I think back on my many relations.  Women who stirred my heart and lower.  I can’t put an exact finger on why each failed.  Sometimes I fell out of love.  Sometimes they did.  Sometimes it was an epic rise like a rocket and ended equally explosive.

Then there is my slave Izrina.  We have lived, laughed, and loved for sometime now.  We still laugh, we still frequently say I love you, often without thought, the feelings coming to the surface as a need that must be expressed.

We talk frankly.  We talk about the dangers to any relation.. the temptations that flirtations outside the relationship bring.  I think it is possible for a loved one to meet your every need, to keep you completely happy, and still you might want more. We are not poly, preferring to keep what we have between us.

More.. I don’t want more.  What I have is more than enough.  Oddly, when you are in love no one else compares.  I have observed this before.  Attractive women have no appeal when you are in love, because real love is a deeper connection than appearance.  I have to believe it is the same in both genders.. when you see a person for their kindness, for how the person they are is perfect for you, handsome simply would not be enough to interest you.

Or perhaps this is a thing of age.  Certainly when I was twenty my interests were more about my dick and what I could do with it.  Relations were more about the sex, than the relation itself.  Don’t get me wrong, sex is still important, but there is more to a really happy life with someone else than that.  It is the laughing, sharing, and things that fill a day that is just as important.

I am very happy.  Not sure about Izrina at the moment..  A few seconds ago I was snuggling up for a good nights sleep when this need to write came over me and the lights went on and the keyboard came out….  The curse of living with a blogger….  She’s grinning now as I type… Life is good..

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.  And may you find the love of your life.


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