When CNC becomes just NC

Consent is the bedrock of modern BDSM slavery. It can be stated in a more complex way but it really all boils down to just that. You are feeding a deep and exciting need while getting the same.

Anything less is Domestic Abuse. To the external observer there is no difference. Both the domestic abuser and the Master take full control. Both limit movement, money, and choices. But where the abuser instills fear, the Master instill love.

There comes a time though for any Master where you face a question not unlike every Sadist must face. Every Sadist will come to question at some point why they hurt the ones they love. Every Master at some point will cross the line of consent forcing their slave to do something they did not want to. How then is this possible?

It comes down to equitable exchange. A Master slave relation is not equal, certainly not to the outside observer. But it is equitable. This means that what each gets from the relation is of equal value to the person in the exchange. If I give you an old plastic child’s toy for a lot of money, but you place a very high value on having that toy, the exchange is equitable because of the value each places on what they receive. In the same way the sadist and the Master give and receive exactly what excites and fulfills both sides.

A Master can take a slave in a primitive sexual way. They can USE their slave. When they do, they fulfill a primitive earthy sexual game in which each is stimulated. Likewise, in a CNC or consensual non-consent relation, we see an attempt to mirror what it would be like for the slave to actually be property. And in some case that relation does become non-consensual.

There are times I make my slave do things she does not want to do and her resistance is very real. The struggle to make her comply leverages all of our personal quirks.. my love of a good mind fuck, her love of the feeling of my Mastery. Always preset is the knowledge that consent is there to be ultimately involved.. It is the nuclear option because if she actually told me no and meant it, that would be the end of the Master slave relation. I never force her to do something unless it is for my pleasure or for her own betterment.

In her heart she knows this. And so she choose to comply. She takes pleasure in giving pleasure. She takes comfort in the strong hand that makes her do what she knows she should but might otherwise not have.

A Master completes a slave just as a slave completes a Master. It is a very rewarding life, and I live it 24 X 7. I and my slave live to share these discoveries of the pleasure of life, both through our interaction in community events, and The House of X.

Carpe Diem, my friends. Be someones great day!