On the way to Kinky, life happens

There are some disturbing trends lately, like having a low opinion of the value of hard work, education, and the pursuit of knowledge.  Perhaps that also explains the rejection by many of elderly advice…  But listen up if you are new to BDSM because this is something you only learn by living it for some time….

There is a thing.. its called slave frenzy, but truth be told Doms get it too.  Perhaps you are young and just really really horny for all that yummy kinky sex coupled with BDSM naughtiness.  Or maybe you spent a lifetime convinced there was something wrong with your wicked fantasies… only to discover there are people who think you are normal.  It doesn’t matter your age.  What matters is you are new to BDSM.

Suddenly there is so much living to pack in and you can’t get enough… You want to try it all.  You go to munches, and workshops, and play parties, and major events.. You are living a dream and it is all hot, hot, hot.   Maybe you are married and you realize you want this, and you are trying to figure out if you can bring in your spouse or if you need a divorce.  You need to live this life, 24×7, and its a driving force in your life.

BDSM is a journey and we are all on that highway together.  Some of us have the pedal to the metal and are gunning down the road… we’ve all been there.  But a funny thing happens along the way.. its called life.

Life is filled with jobs, and bosses, and bills and house work.  And even when you arrive at your dream.. a house with a Dom or slave or slaves..  there is that thing about how you keep things new, fresh, exciting.

A Dom once said that after a while, having two naked women doing my every bidding day and night eventually loses its charm.. its still nice but its not exciting like it used to be.  (He took a beating in the comments to him on that one, but he was right).

Every day I have a slave by my side.  She is often naked, available for my use in any way I please.   I can beat her, fuck her or order her to give me oral service.  I can send her to bring me a snack or to refill my drink..  Its not kinky.. its every day life for us..

Mom came for lunch, and when her coffee ran out she handed the cup to me and asked for more.  I handed it to Izrina and ordered her to refill it.  Izrina took the cup and trotted off to the kitchen like a good girl, while Mom just raised an eyebrow…  I don’t even think about IF I’ll order something, I just do.

Now I won’t go so far as to say BDSM has lost its charm.  I love my slave.  This is the best life ever.   But on another level its just life.   We eat, and sleep.  We work around the house. I look for opportunities to make her call me WEM.   Its just life… and life is good.

Carpe Diem my Friends, be someone’s great day!