You’re what? Oh really?

Growing up, my mother never had a career.  Hell, she didn’t even have a part time job.  Neither did all of my friend’s moms.   Coming out of the 1950’s, industry was strong and unions were strong and it was entirely possible for a guy to hold one job and still feed the whole family.

There is an appeal to the 1950’s housewife style of Ds relations.  It dovetails nicely with the mindset of a Master who desires to not only control a house, but also desires to nurture, protect, and provide for their prized possession.

A Ds relation needs to work both ways.  The relationship while not equal, needs to be equitable.  What the slave gets in return for their submission needs to be as pleasing as what they give.  Depending on the totality of the dynamic, various slave styles will feel more comfortable.

Baby girls, brats, 1950’s housewife, romantic, property, SAMs.. there are so many ways to think of your Ds.  I like the 1950s style.  I want my girl to only work part time, add some income, but mostly take care of the basic interior work.. laundry, cleaning, cooking.  I tend to like the automotive and outdoor and remodel work.

Those of you who have been reading a while know that my property is also a SAM or smart ass masochist.  One day while we we conversing she hit me with this one.   “Master” she said, I am not really a 1950’s housewifeReally? I said.  Yes, she replied.  A 1950’s housewife doesn’t work.

Sometimes there is a little too much smart in my smart ass.  She has a point though. While the 1950’s housewife typically was supported without having to work, there was a shift in the 60’s.  One thing that stands out in my mind is how much the objectification of women was being called out.  For example airline stewardess wore sexy mini skirts and there was a back lash against it.  Women in the work place starting asking to be more than a secretary, a stewardess, or other eye candy for a business.

By the 1970s many women were starting careers but at home they were still trying to juggle laundry, cleaning, and child care.  The solutions to being both “domestic engineer” and a career woman came in many forms.  A women could “not get into a relation” and put her career first.  Or there was daycare and house  cleaning services.  Notice that the solution rarely included a division of duties.

This was the time when we began to see “latch key kids”.  Children that came home to an empty house and let themselves in.  The “fabric” of the traditional family was slowly and steadily being re-written.  I like the idea of a man or woman staying home for the kids.  It makes more sense to me, but maybe its just that I think kids need more control and support in their lives.

Since today it seems to take two incomes to support a household, I don’t see us easily going back to a time when one income will hold a household together.   The 1970’s house wife had it bad.  She had all the duties of the 1950’s housewife, plus a career.  Izrina doesn’t have to work full time so she’s not a 1970’s housewife either.

I do want her to hold a part time job though, so I guess she’s right.  She’s not a 1950’s housewife, she is somewhere in the middle.  I’ll just call her a 1960’s housewife/slave.


Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day?

2 thoughts on “You’re what? Oh really?

  1. I enjoy the 1950’s lifestyle. Yes I work but it is a necessary evil. But I relish in doing the house work. Cleaning. Laundry. I get up every morning and make his coffee and lunch. I like knowing he is well taken care of. That he wants for nothing in his day. And in return he does all the outside work. And takes care of the cars. And mows and shovels snow. That was something we agreed upon way before this lifestyle but there are other little things that we have added that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


  2. @daddysbabygirl69 It pleases me to hear of others that have found happiness in such little things… funny how the little things often become most important.


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