DAsT and a munch

What a month!   Our friends from all over the country gathered at the House of X for Izrina’s final collaring and gave wonderful blessings…. Then there was the the Hudson Valley Love of Leather munch, and then the Pike county NEPA munch, and next Friday the House of X hosts its first ever DAsT ( Doms and submissives) meeting.

We’ll see if we build a large enough group to apply, but if we get enough regular members we’ll apply for MAsT (Masters and slaves) membership.  I am hoping that Pike County and the surrounding area has enough kinky people to build a solid local community center.

To the east we have a decades old love of leather group,  and just north of that is Poughkeepsie which has a large group, and not far from there is Kingston with another large group and not far from there is the Albany power exchange.  Like the hub in a wagon wheel, Feel me breath sits in the center of all that.  To our south is NYC and TES, which is huge.  To our west is Scranton.   So we are surrounding by large cities all of which are an hour or more away.  The future looks good.

I am thinking though that we won’t have a problem finding kinky people in this area.  We already have an LGBT center, and as the word gets out, I am sure we will build a solid core group.

A shout out to chimerafemme who was an early contributor to the “Pre-electronic Party” (a fetlife group I host dedicated to stories from before the internet).   Also to a friend of many of my other friends including the Raith… DragonRob and his lovely slave.  Plus IrishDragon.

Life is moving fast.  Well, its Saturday morning and that means its time for yet more house improvement projects..  Funny.. but the closer I get to retirement the faster my life is going… life is good!

Carpe Diem my friends, be someones great day!


3 thoughts on “DAsT and a munch

  1. From your descriptions of places (the HV ones are very familiar as I grew up in Dutchess County, NY) I’m trying to get a bearing on where you’re at. The only Pike County I know of is in PA, and since you mentioned Scranton…. Although many of the groups you mention weren’t around when I was living in the area. I was living there when Albany Power Exchange was still an offshoot of Albany Stocks and Bonds. I attended one of the first Capital Balls, and so on and so on. Best of luck with your new group, may it evolve and prosper.


  2. @Leathers We list as Port Jervis NY because that is the closest city in Fet, Yes, its PIke County PA. I have asked Fet to add MIlford to their list of cities because it is the county seat, even though it is technically just a boro. Milford Pa is the city we would list as, IF Fet added it to their drop down.

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