We don’t fight!

Vile will tell you that he never fights with his slave.  Is this the nature of Ds?  Can it be that we hold some magical formula that only Masters and slaves understand?  I am sure many a couple would like to unlock the secret of our endless happiness.  Others would just like to throw up and stick a fork in it.

First, its important to remember that your girl’s girlfriends are evil, men hating, nasty bitches.  Yup…  Keep your slave’s slave sister close and her nilla friends far away.  She needs to be around people who get it.  And I’m only half kidding about this.  In my less than humble opinion there is entirely too much men hating and women hating disguised as a genuine concern out there.  BEWARE!

But even if you aren’t battling the quibbling little back biting crap poked in your partner’s ear by jealous assholes that couldn’t keep a good relation together with steel cuffs, we still won’t fight…

Is it because I am always right?  Or because she accepts that I have the final say on everything?  Maybe.. but I think its something else.. Maybe its because she is worried that if she really, really screws up, it will end up in a blog..  he he!  Why would I want to lessen that concern?  <wicked grin>


Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!