Readings from the book of X

Slave Izrina came down from on high, a new collar upon her neck, and she spoke saying: I have heard the voice of my Master and Lord and he commanded me.  Then holding forth her list of rules, rituals, and protocols, she began to read.

I am the Lord of this house, you shall have no other before me.  Woe unto the slave that hear-ith these words and heed-ith not for I shall smite thee.  But if a slave fall to their knees, and worship the Lord of the house, and worship the very implement of pleasure there upon, I will grace thee with orgasms as I see fitting and right.  Verily, verily I say unto thee, the obedient and faithful slave will receive the blessings of my Domination, but the lazy and unrepentant slave will rue the day.  Always however, will thou go forth naked that I may admire my marks upon thee.

Then Izrina bowed her head and gave thanks for her Master, but chuckled under her breath.. for she was a SAM… a smart ass masochist.. and looked forward to her next beating.



Carpe Diem!  Be someone’s great day!