A day for freedom

Fourth of July, 2018.  A USA holiday..

Humid and ghastly hot, the sun played peek-a-boo with clouds.  Off in the distance thunder rolled.  On a hill top over looking a tree laden valley with a river running through it, an odd group of people gathered.  The sound of running water could be heard quite clearly.

Persons of all age groups were gathered in a semi-circle around a small white pillar which looked like something from ancient Rome.  All were dressed in black, though hardly two were alike.   There was an older gentleman in a leather vest festooned with badges like MAsT, and events where he and his partner had won awards of recognition.  A curvy young lady, barely an adult sporting something leather and showing a lot of leg.  Or the self-identified predator, all in black with a leather vest.  There were leather caps on some, symbols of a status achieved.  In the sea of all this black, stood a woman in red, her stunning dress plunged at the neckline, and a slit up the thigh sometimes provided a brief glimpse of the sexy garters and stockings underneath.  She could easily have been dressed for an elegant restaurant except for the black and red leather cuffs with bondage rings on her wrists.

Blessings and purification to the earth around complete, a small dark mahogany chest was brought forth and opened to reveal a bottle, two scrolls, and shiny silver bit of jewelry.  Master X stepped forth, his hands on the shoulders of his slave and said.. Community members, friends, and associates..I present to you Izrina, slave in training. So began Izrina’s journey of final submission on the day or her final collaring.

Izrina held forth her scroll so that Master X could untie it, and while he held the ribbon she turned and faced the crowd, reading aloud her vow, her promise, her commitment to the sacred role she offered now and forever.  Having finished she held the scroll while Master X tied it again and she dropped it into the specially prepared bottle.

Now Master X held forth his scroll and Izrina untied it, then held the ribbon as the Master she would serve read to the crowd.  In his vow, he accepted her offer of submission, promising in return the gift of his Domination, now and forever.  The scroll was rolled, tied, and joined hers in the bottle, together again.

The first blessing was red.  Our guest and friend added his blessing then poured red sand over the vows, swirling the bottle as he did.  The two vows just poked up through the first blessing.

Oddly the thunderstorm traveled around us.  Rain to north, south, east, and west, but not a drop on the ceremony.  Now came orange, then yellow.  As the blessing were added and sand poured the vows were surrounded, never to be seen ever again.  These promises. in an ideal life, will be symbols of a blessed LTR. They are a reminder and a promise to strive always to make better each day, enriching our lives and our happiness.

At one point a blessing was read that spoke of wings and soaring and at that exact part of the ceremony a pair of hawks riding the current over the river passed in front of the gathering.  I hope someone got a photo of them in flight.  Kitt did manage to catch one later in a picture. s..

Photo by Kitt..


There was the thunderstorm that went around us, the hawk that punctuated a blessing, the many wonderful friends who shared our day… I think we were blessed in many way

With the final blessing complete, Izrina pulled up her skirt and knelt.  Master X produced a very small silver key, and having removed her training collar, securely locked her new final onto her neck.  Standing, Master X turned her to the gathered crowd and said proudly… Community members, friends, and associates..I present to you Slave Izrina!.

Hugs and tears and clapping…. then came the easy embrace between slave sisters, Dominants asked first for permission to touch, then hugged her warmly.   Guests filed off to air-conditioning and the smell of food cooking on the grill.  Master X and his happy slave stayed behind for “wedding photos”.. some posed, and some with Master X playfully pulling back on the slit in her dress to expose a little leg.

Some guests had to leave rather early.  Others stayed for a few hours.  Master X at the head of the table, friends all around, a service top at the grill, slaves at the ready, all was right in the world.  All guests were well fed and cared for.  There were even a few foot massages for some lucky ladies, courtesy of “tickle boy”.

Later it was just four people left.. Master X and his slave, plus his guests who had flown in from the west coast.  We settled into a nice mini play party with fire play and flogger session ending in a few very nice strap strikes.  Izrina has a lovely “temporary tattoo” that is currently purple and blue this morning,  plus a couple of lovely pain buttons that when pressed risk sending her back into subspace.    I had to have help getting her into bed she was flying so high.  I planned an evening of sex, but she was so far gone after the play scene I thought it best to wait…  and like most things you wait for it was well worth the wait… Her first orgasm as a fully collared slave was unlike any previous one.   Glorious, just glorious.

Her life in miniature now stands in the House of X, occupying one whole shelf at the table where we will hold meetings.  There is her collar of consideration.  Her training collar.  The box that held the bottle and her final.  And of course the vows sealed with the blessings from friends that came from near and far.   I will put it on a motion sensor so that it lights as you approach. It looks like this:


Now begins the next leg of the journey.  Now each fourth of July will be a celebration of the freedom Izrina finds in her chains.  We will focus on the positives.  She will work to give her worries, her burdens, her fears and her mistakes to me so that I can release her from them.  This is my duty, my sacred role.. Now and forever..

Carpe Diem my friends..