Yes Master

The effect of this simple two word response on me can be quite mmmmm…. stimulating.  Izrina knows this and sometimes has a coy smile when she says: “Yes Master”.

“Yes Sir” is a comment you sometimes get in stores and restaurants and that too always brings a smile to my face.

The lack of a “Yes Sir” or a “Yes Master” however can have the opposite effect.   When I give an order I need to know that it will be acted on.

I need to know that a command was received and understood.  “Yes Master” is that acknowledgement.  It tells me all I need to know.  It tells me that the command was heard, understood, and will be undertaken.

A lack of response annoys me.  No response leaves me not knowing what to think.  To assume the command was heard is not helpful if I was in fact not heard, or ignored.  A lack of response is likely to find me in your face waiting for that response and you can be pretty sure from my tone and look will clearly tell you that I am not happy.

So what exactly is it about “Yes Sir” or a “Yes Master” that gets my juices flowing?  There are many subtle reasons.  It marks a clean military like exchange… it’s a neat and tidy power exchange.  Its like perfume on a love letter.  Its the seal with a kiss.   It is the acknowledgement of consent in submission.  Its the icing that makes the cake….

Mine is the gift of Domination.  For those who need this, who appreciate the feeling of a strong and powerful presence in your life, I am thankful.  Without the ying to my yang my purpose is unfulfilled.   I am ever thankful for the little things in life.. like “Yes Sir” or a “Yes Master” …

Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someones great day.