My favorite subject

And now back to my favorite subject…me.  I was preparing to pick up our first guest for the collaring ceremony.. and by preparing I mean recording every detail so that there was never a time during this important task that I was fumbling for info.  Then I ran across a quote in Fet.

The interesting thing was, Master B quoted me but it wasn’t in my list of quotes so of course I had to add it.  If you haven’t read “my quotes” before, you might want to.  I am chock full of Masterly wisdom.  Now if you are thinking that sounds a little conceited let me set you straight.  LAST year I was conceited.  This year I’m perfect.

I like to read these every now and then.  They remind me of the epiphanies that have occurred over the years, and sometime renew my commitment to my sacred role of Dominant and Master.

Not only did I find something like that, but I think its worth sharing again.  I cannot understate the importance of consent in ALL systems of power.  From forms of government, to Ds, consent is critical to happy and productive interaction of people engaged in the exchange of power.  Here is that something..


With my fist, I can only take the pleasures that are demanded or which I beat from you, and so become a slave myself. But when I take your neediness with an open hand and feed you the pleasure of your submission, I create a desire to return. This is how I become the Master. ~Xtac Quote

Explained:  This is about internal slavery vs external slavery. The Master who takes without consent becomes the slave. They are wrong, and they know it, and must forever live with the knowledge that their world is tenuously held together by force, anger and evil. They are a slave to that which is required to keep it together. Now this is true throughout the full spectrum of consent. At one end is the domestic abuser (external control). At the other end is the mutually happy Ds couple (internalized control). There is every possibility in between, but to become a Master, you must learn to internalize slavery; learn how to feed your slave on the pleasure of their own submission.

I’m just and ordinary guy who owns property.. and by property I mean another human being.  Its no big deal as we sit for supper, or kiss as we leave for work but on other levels it is of massive importance.  We are bucking the current tital wave of society.  Societies in general are swinging towards the worship of equality, and in the move to equality are moving to giving government more control over our lives and thoughts to enforce that equality.  We of BDSM move toward control by consent, toward diversity of thought and respect for opposing views.  In short we are out of step with society and moving against the current.  Its more effort, as it always is, to exercise independent thought.

Carpe Diem my friends, go forth, be a force for good, and be someone’s great day!