A last minute invite

My daughter’s friend asked if she could come over for seven pm protocol this evening.  We had chicken with veggies and chocolate ice cream for desert.   Conversation as you can well imagine frequently touched on the subject for which excitement is slowly building.. the upcoming final collar ceremony.

Some of the other friends of my daughters have been forward about asking if they could attend.  Funny story about one of those.  She took home the invite and her dad who is quite religious and narrow minded saw it and blew up.  Who was this freak she was hanging out with he wanted to know… he he…. I seem so mild mannered in my nilla persona…. She didn’t rat me out..

As we talked over dinner this other friend was clearly was interested.. so I did the straight forward thing and asked why she had not asked to be allowed to come… and her answer was the best answer you could hope for.  She assumed that if I wanted her there, I would have said so but she wasn’t going to insinuate herself into an invite.  How much nicer is it to invite someone like that, than someone who is a little more forward?

So I invited her.  To say she was happy and excited is an understatement.  She fairly danced her way through the rest of the evening.  Since this girl has been like a daughter to me, and since she would like to be a top and mistress, it makes sense.  I wanted to keep the nilla invites to a minimum, but in retrospect she has had a slave in the past so she’s not really a nilla.

I had a person offer to do some photography for the event but I decided to check with Dr Bob, a Dominant with a love of photography first.. he offered to share his photos but didn’t want the pressure of being THE photographer, so I offered the photographer an invite as well in exchange for services.   Looks like Izrina has two more invites to stamp, emboss, and calligraphy…. Not sure where she’ll find the time what with the pies she’s baking for desert… and the cleaning… and other prep work..

I’ve been promising Dr Bob a slice of her chocolate pecan pie… but when I told him on the phone that Izrina was going to bake some for the feast afterward, a cheer went up at the table… Might have to hide a slice for him!

But back to the last minute invite, it pleases me to see her so pleased.   I have good feelings about the vibe for this event.  Carpe Diem my friends..  Be someone’s great day!

2 thoughts on “A last minute invite

  1. @Isabella LeCour Thank you my dear. Izrina laughed when she saw the line “Excitement is growing”… for her it is more like exploding!


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