The day the universe was kind

A dear friend in the community who goes by the name of Dr Bob warned me a long time ago that when I open my home up for meetings and to temporary slaves, that things will go missing.   I have long had that in the back of my mind but I am also of the opinion that things are just things and there is nothing so important that it need to be a crisis.

The universe however loves to teach us about our weaknesses and false ideas and so it is not surprising that last night one such lesson entered into my life.  Now the evening started pleasantly enough.  I completed the task of making a mold for the copper sheet that would fit under the sand bottle for the final collaring ceremony and had spent the day hammering and fitting and fitting and hammering until the copper fit well enough to the bottom of the bottle.

That task complete, I planned to pick up a small anvil the next day to give the copper a hammered look.  By then a small party was underway in the area where the dungeon will be and so I put my tools away and got out my violet wand kit and my fire kit and set out to have some fun.

Before that, I thought it best to hide my wallet, and Izrina’s final collar since drunk people with low ethics can’t resist pocketing shiny things.  So a few valuables securely tucked away I proceeded to wow and amaze the mostly nilla crowd with my equipment, and as you can image might be the case for most Dominant types, enjoyed the spotlight immensely.  Then I made my excuses, mixed a drink and headed off to bed with Izrina.


I planned to sleep in but the sound of the shower running in the bathroom made me wonder who had stayed over, so I threw on some clothes, started the coffee and sat down to check on another project.  Two cars were pulling out of the driveway, and two regular guests were sleeping off a night of debauchery.  Then I noticed that the cabinet that I had hid Izrina’s collar in was open, and on closer examination found that everything in it had been opened and gone through and the collar was missing.

Understand the I spent years thinking about what my final collar would be.  When I ran across the black phoenix in an antique store, and negotiated its purchase for $90 I counted my blessings.  I had the antique center piece retro fitted with a slave like chain for another $100, and then added a solid sterling silver heart lock for another $110, plus a rework of the lock ends for another $10, so yeah..  $310.00 later I had THE perfect collar….  Which I proceed to show to everyone but Izrina.. leaving her to be tortured by wondering what this thing would look like.  THEN, three weeks ago I finally put it on display so her appreciation and anticipation could grow..

Missing!  Something that was one of kind was missing… It not just the money.. its the two years built up to this mounting wonder and anticipation.  I had not only carefully crafted the object but also the moment.  Shock, disbelief, sadness, and anger.  I clenched my fists and walked around and around the room shouting louder and louder.. No!  No! No!… Some fucking asshole rifled my dresser for something to pawn so they could get a couple hours high.   God fucking damn it!

I woke everyone sleeping in the house, I demanded answers… friends started calling friends and acquaintances…   I pictured my sweet slave, her golden hair framing her neck.. her neck that should have been graced by the black phoenix.. and then I collapsed into my chair and did something I haven’t done in eight years.. I cried.  and I cried..  Friends were coming in from everywhere.. we had this thing planned.. it was going to be perfect.. the final collaring of my love, my slave, my dear sweet property, the moment I crafted so carefully, the moment she deserved…. was in ruins.

I became aware that Izrina had woken up and was by my side, hugging me,  comforting me.  This was to be MY final collar, but it was to be HER glory… yet she wasn’t angry or sad she was supporting me, trying to lift me up.  I tried to pull myself together.   I repeated over and over the mantra.. its only a thing, its only a thing…. but then in my mind’s eye it would see my slave’s face and empty throat…  it was rough… very rough.

I got up, and walked and ranted, I raged, I told people making calls I would pay twice as much as any pawn shop to get it back..  We had to find the asshole… no charges would be pressed.. but we HAD to have it back…  I started to wonder what we would use as its replacement..  I turned to Izrina and said we have to order something immediately.. there is precious little time for it to be delivered.

I collapsed again at the table.  I wanted to beat my fists.  The hammered copper and sand and bottles across from me, mocking me with the perfect ceremony in ruins. I had planned to bring the collar with us today to get the ends refitted one last time.  Why? Dammit!

I don’t know how long it was in time.  It was an eternity in my morning.  Someone found it in a corner on the floor, in the future dungeon.  It was discovered that car glove boxes had been rifled too.  A guitar had been smashed to pieces just for entertainment…  But whoever the asshole was, they could not overcome the universe.  Just as they had found and pocketed this small trinket, the universe in an ultimate twist of ironic and karma laden fate had allowed the treasure to fall from their pocket… and back into my hands.

I was still shaken, and could not purge myself of the negative vibes coursing through me.  I begged to be excused, retired to the deck overlooking the valley and river to meditate.  Izrina retired to a smoke to calm her nerves.   I forced myself to let go of time, to let go of everything, and let my energy flow until I could feel the balance return.   Again, I don’t know how long it took… You kind of let go of time in meditation….  but when I was done I was high, peaceful, and centered.  I grabbed a coffee and joined others in morning conversation, easing finally into a morning turned suddenly normal again.

It is hard sometimes to understand why things happen.   I normally roll pretty well with the punches.   Like when the car port roof collapsed on my beloved mustang..  I dealt with that pretty well I think.   I will reflect later on why I dealt so badly with this one.  I like to think that things are just things…. but it would seem the universe needed to teach me something about that….

Carpe Diem my friends…. be someones great day.