Pleasures of OTK

Today I want to elucidate on the pleasures of OTK also known as Over the knee.  At first glance there is nothing especially kinky or cock hardening about OTK, but let me expand further on this subject and tell you why it makes me hard.

First and foremost I am all about submission.  The “timid little girl” look that comes into a slave’s eye when they think I am displeased, is a pleasure to me.  So the very notion of commanding my girl to “come over here” spoken in a stern voice as I point at the floor in front of me, and then command her over my knee is cock warming right there.   That stern commanding does it for me right at the start.

Now comes the part where this slave is over my knee in a very submissive position.  They are face down, ass up, as I begin to slid down whatever clothing that may be in the way of my hand.  Again, this contact combined with the vulnerability and the disrobing is quite nice.

Now comes the touching, squeezing, probing as I work over that ass like a baker works bread dough.. and maybe further increase the vulnerability by spreading her legs and then slide fingers down between full cheeks into that small but glorious tuft of soft fur…  hmmmmm!

Hopefully there is wetness awaiting my eager fingers, perhaps that will come later.  Perhaps she turns and looks questioningly up at her Master, her ass and pussy exposed, her panties at her thighs, and says in a small girl voice.. “are you going to spank me now Master?”

Damn!  I am hard just typing this out, and its so much better in real life.  If this doesn’t get you excited, then I just can’t explain it better.  There is something really wonderful about OTK.

4 thoughts on “Pleasures of OTK

  1. As one who is finds herself over the knee on occasion, I can attest that it is as equally wonderful – for all the reasons you described. It is much more intimate and erotic – even when part of discipline and not play – than any other spanking position.

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