I Love you

Three little words that form the cornerstone of many a romantic entanglement:  I love you.

The words come easily to our lips.  Sometimes without thought or reflection on what we mean.  The words spill forth from emotional moments and sexual pleasure.  The real question becomes, Do I love you?

The answer is no.  Its not “I Love you”, it is “I Love owning you”.  The inclusion of this fourth word is everything.  I could not Love something that is not completely and totally mine.  Without owning you, Love for me loses so much meaning.

When I look across the bed at her sleeping form, her wonderful breasts, her face, her hair, I am filled with emotions.  I long for her, I want to stroke her, touch her, take her.  It is because I own her, that I know that none of this can be denied to me.  She is mine completely and so she is my most prized possession.

It is subtle, the difference between nilla and Ds.  In both we as men enter into our lover.  We come deep inside, and something more is left behind. We are always part of our partner no matter how far apart.  We are inside more than physically.  We embed ourselves deep into our partner physically yes, but also emotionally and spiritually.

The two become one in a way that stirs up discussions of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.  Being deep inside your slave is a connection on many levels.

During sex as my brain retreated into the fuzzy warm pleasure of feeling my slave completely engulf my most intimate extension, I mused out loud.. I would love to stay inside you all day.  And then I laughed…  What am I saying? I said.  I am always inside you! You are never without me because you are part of me.  You are always an extension of my will and desire.. always…