Old fashioned wedding nights

On the eve of an old fashioned wedding the blushing bride consummated the union in a long awaited submission of her body.   Yeah, I’m not doing that with this blushing bride to be.

Oh, I intend to consummate my slave after her final collaring, no doubt about that, but I am definitely not waiting to use that luscious body.  So this evening as I slid into that warm wet wonderful vagina and soaked up the glorious heaven that is the submission of my slave the thought occurred to me that this is where I belong..  deeply embedded into my slave, her soft moans reassuring me that her pleasure equals mine.. and the occasional gasp that tells me I am deep enough.

Home..  the thought crossed my mind… this is my slave, my property, and I am home when I am in here deep inside her…  I said the words and then grinned..  there is no place like home.  Now, I didn’t click my heels three times, or return from the land of OZ.. but the vision of Dorothy did flash through my mind…. No, you weren’t there, or you, or you…  but I was amused…

Busting out giggling in the middle of wonderful sex doesn’t do much for your partners self esteem, and that didn’t happen but I did chuckle under my breath.  An orgasm or two later and lying exhausted and satisfied those words still ring true.. there’s no place like home!

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