I’m so excited, just can’t hide it

The plans for Izina’s final are coming together nicely.  There are so many wonderful community members coming, its hard not to be excited.  Best of all, my protege will be represented… woo hoo… Flying in from the West Coast.. how sweet is that!


Here are the details, some private info withheld..


Please arrive between noon and 1pm that day. We will entertain on the deck until the ceremony starts.

The address is withheld.. We are approximately four miles up that road. There is a dirt road across from the house. Park along the dirt road, or on the side of the main road in front of my neighbors fence – as long as you have your car completely off the road.

Photographs for your personal use are permitted. Persons wishing to not be photographed will be offered a red wrist bracelet. We ask that you share the good ones with persons who attend, but not with others unless permission is first sought.

Dress is black or leather. Casual or dressup is fine. We care more about the color than the clothes. Be aware that Izrina will be the only one wearing a red dress.

SAND for blessings
these are the colors and the associations that we are recognizing. Your blessing does not have to align with your chosen color. It is more about pouring from your heart, than a uniformity.

Red – genitals – Sexual, conditional love < Name withheld
Orange – hips – power < Name withheld
Yellow -stomach – health < Name withheld
Green – heart – balance, wisdom > Name withheld
Blue – throat – communication < Name withheld
Violet – third eye -soul, spiritual < Name withheld
White – Crown – agape, unconditional love < Master X and Izrina

This will be a simple ceremony…
Slave Izrina will read her vow of submission
Master X will read his vow of Domination
Vows will be tied and placed into the sand jar
Guests will read their blessings, and pour their sand over the vows
Izrina will show worship, and receive her collar
Her training collar will be retired with the vows and blessings
We will then have pizza, chips, and burgers on the deck

Drink and simple food will be provided.
You do not need to bring a dish, or gift, though food will not be rejected.

The ceremony will be held on a cliff face in the back yard, rain or shine. Bring an umbrella if you don’t like standing in the rain.



We are still repairing and under construction, some area won’t be ready, please bear with us. The house is small, so expect it to be crowded.


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