Announcing… Slave Izrina

Izrina, former nilla and long time slave in training, after years of wearing a training collar, has demonstrated to the satisfaction of Master X that this is not a passing fancy, and that she truly is a slave at heart. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I announce the plans to collar Izrina on the fourth of July, 2018, the date picked to always remind my slave that is in her chains that she finds her freedom.

The collaring ceremony will be simple, and a variation of the “Sand Ceremony” in which a small and select group of friends each empty the contents of a small bottle into a larger one, after saying a few brief words about this couple. Before this, Izrina will declare her undying devotion to forever be a faithful slave, and to stay in her role of slave no matter the hardships endured. Master X will then declare his acceptance of her submission, and his promise to provide the gift of his domination, never wavering from his sacred role. The parchments on which these declaration are made will be dropped into the bottle, to be sealed forever, surrounded by the sand and simple contributions of a close circle of friends. Friends may keep the smaller bottle as a keepsake, while the larger bottle and MY training collar will take a prominent place of display in the House of X. The number of sand bottles and their colors will be seven, signifying the chakras.

I realize that over the years a great number of community members have become dear friends and I sincerely hope that those not invited to this ceremony will take no slight. You must understand two things. First, in many ways this ceremony is much like the couple who lived together for many years and then decided to get married… It loses some of its importance given the length of time taken to take the next step. It is therefore intended to be a simple thing. Second, we do not consider this to actually be a small step but instead regard it as a thing of great importance… Two things that are not easy to balance. I am therefore keeping the ceremony small, but the announcement big. I know, I know.. I am constantly full of conflicting things…

Master X’s final collar was specially selected, an antique silver piece of jewelry modified to more closely resemble a collar while still retaining its antique qualities. Izrina looks forward to proudly displaying MY new collar to you shortly.. Yeah.. it’s my collar, my slave, my property!




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