Losing my slave

Busy, busy, busy…  Started this quite some time ago.  New deck, new deck furniture, 40 tons of driveway gravel, cutting blocks for a water garden, new bird feeding area… The House of X project doesn’t leave a lot of time for my electronic life… That being said..


So Izrina has been my “beck and call” girl  ( to borrow a line from pretty woman ) for a a very long time now, but I am losing her to that old ball and chain.. money.  She started a new job today.  When she wasn’t working, it was pretty sweet.

IF you read my last Blog, you know how I feel about her having to remove her “necklace”.  Collars are a very big thing with me.  They can be a very emotional thing for many Masters and slaves.

I remember being at a convention some eight years ago and being in line at the food court where a slave kept touching her neck.  She looked at me and said in a sad voice, I miss it.  She was wearing a teairra crown that her Master had given to her.. there was some kind of issue which kept her from wearing the collar.  In her mind, it was still there..it had to be there..

Then there was the Master who removed a slaves collar as punishment for bad behavior…. not good.  There is an almost mystical connection between a slave and talisman of that ownership.  Some punishments are just cruel and inhuman.

So it is that when after cutting the lock from my slave collar so she could work in this new job, I gave her an ankle collar as a backup.  NOW,  when she gets to work, she can unfasten the collar and place it on her car seat, but still have a backup on her person that acts as a constant reminder of her commitment to love and serve the Master she has offered herself to.



Very pretty…  Yeah, that works.


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