A tale of two…. Masters

Everyone and I do mean everyone has someone or something they are subservient to.  I have said it many times, we live in a web of various power systems and in these systems we seek to find our place of comfort.  I won’t however go off on that point, as it detracts from my main focus… my slave.

My slave has been wearing her collar now for quite some time.  It never comes off.. ever.  It goes in the shower and on the beach, and well.. everywhere.  When she was going to get surgery, we took out her nipple rings, but the lock to her collar wouldn’t budge.  The key snapped trying to open it.  Guess the insides just froze solid.

So off she went to surgery with the fact that it could not be removed, and that was accepted.  But now..

Izrina is taking a job working with food, and in addition to a stylish hairnet.. ha!  there is a firm rule, no jewelry.  What to do?

On one side of the isle is the Master who will have no other Master before me.  That collar is a symbol of that Mastery.   It doesn’t get removed.. end of story.  And then there is that other Master, the need to make money..

In the course of making money we all accept another Master into our lives, our boss.  It is a simple thing really, the natural order of things.  For a business to thrive and be profitable, tasks which lead to those profits must be managed.  We accept these things as one of the structures of power we enter into when we take a job.

It is both reasonable for me to accept the removal of her collar as a condition of work, and it is equally reasonable for me put down my Master’s foot and say no to this line of of work that would intrude upon our cherished sacred symbol.

I prepared today for the time when she might have to remove her collar, herself.  I wasn’t going touch the collar though.  It was the lock that had to go.  I took a towel, covered her hair,  and skin, and then with a dremel tool, cut the lock free.  I replaced it with a clasp.  What a sad, melancholy moment.  Sometimes you have to compromise.

I think I will give her an ankle collar that she can wear out of sight, so that she is never without a symbol of my ownership.   I don’t like making compromises with my Mastery.


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