All mine! and a haiku

I was lying in bed…a beautiful flogger bunny butt pressing against me so that I was excited.  The warmth spread up my thighs and into my heart.   I really do love my most valuable possession.  I held her tightly and whispered.. as I began kissing behind her ear and down her neck.  Mine, mine, mine followimg each kiss.  She moaned softly and I lay back thinking.  Suddenly a haiku popped into my head.

Flogger bunny butt
Beautiful bouncy bum
Tail I like the best

She was groggy with sleep, but now I was amused… a sure sign my property is about to be awakened by a horny Master.

It occurs to me now as I reflect on our life that this word I find on my lips so often has another epiphany stored inside.  Yes, the word “mine” is all about how I feel about owning this slave.  But sometimes I say.. “all mine”.  I am greedy like that.  I don’t want to share.  I have no problem ordering her to obey another Master or Mistress but her heart and her sexual pleasures are mine.  ALL mine!  Somehow that makes it more special to me.

I reflected more on that.  I am not against polygamy.   I have very good friends for whom this works very well.  Why then can’t I share?   I pondered in the dark.  I have another friend who has two slaves.  Is it only a Master who is entitled to more than one partner?

It seems to me that we sometimes take two very different approaches to relationships.  On one side is the notion that we have within ourselves the capacity for unlimited love and it is foolish to think that we must restrict love to one person.  On the other side is the notion that it is only by committing to exploring love’s greatest depths and heights with one person without outside distraction that we can truly know loves full potential.  Hmmmmm.  Two very powerful arguments, each with its own truth, and yet at odds with each other.

Each can have its own negative view of the other.  On one side we can see poly as more shallow and mostly about sex.  On the other side we can see monogamy as boring and small minded.  Negative thoughts are a terrible way to make any decision, or to win a debate.

What then to think? I personally am not pleased with the notion of giving up the ability to say all mine.  Personally speaking, I also think the world is a big place with room for all.  Why does one choice have to be better than another?  Isn’t the very thing we of the BDSM community are fighting for, is the right of inclusion and respect for diversity of thought even if someone does not understand or might even be repelled?  It should be.

Ah well…. the brain tends to churn on these questions while you are trying to sleep.  Best to hold someone tight.. and concentrate on the truly important things in life.. the love of another.  Carpe Dime my friends… go be someone’s great day.