The perfect oral service

I am a slave owner.  I have no problem ordering oral service, or in more crude terms, a blow job.  But more than that, I want my oral service exactly the way I want it.  The mouth and tongue are capable of adding new dimensions to my pleasure.  Its a waste of a good slave to just take whatever blow job my slave thinks is best.

That kind of defeats the whole communication thing, not to mention the whole, getting what I want thing.  I think going into what I want, and how I communicate it, may give you some ideas on how to communicate what you like.  I am sure we are all different, but this is my thing, my way.

So in this blog I am going to into graphic detail exactly how I like my cock sucked.  If that kind of language and mental picture will disturb you, I suggest you read no further.


Headspace – The mental aspects of sex are hugely important.  Anyone who has had someone fuck with their head before a great fuck, knows the brain is the most important sex organ.

If you are more worried about upsetting your slave than in getting some great head, you need to rethink and retool a bit.  If on the other hand getting your cock sucked is all about the control and perhaps even has a bit of sadistic need to shove it down their throat, then the technical aspects really aren’t important either.

What I want to share is about the control that comes from directing your slave in a very technical way, what to do when they perform oral service.  If you want to explore that idea further, keep reading.


Language –First, we need language.  We need to define the parts of the cock that we will be talking about. A penis is comprised medically speaking of a root, body, and glans.

  • The body of the penis, we’ll call the shaft. Covered in loose skin, the shaft obtains pleasure from constriction on it, and from movement of the skin back and forth.
  • There is the glans penis, which we will call the  head of the penis.
  • There is the corona of the glans which we will call the ring..  It is the circle where the head meets the shaft.  This juts out from the shaft and is very sensitive to movement over it.  Possibly more of a sensor of movement than the skin over the shaft.
  • The frenulum of prepuce is an elastic band of tissue on the underside of the shaft where it meets the head.  You will see it as a distinct raised line that connects the head and the shaft.  We’ll call his the frenulum and it has been described in sexuality textbooks as “very reactive” and “particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft”. The frenulum is definitely a “source of distinct male pleasure.


Pleasures of a vagina – When you have a penis, and it is inside a woman, and she tightens up on the shaft there is a distinct pleasure from that.  The average man is somewhere around six and a half inches long, and most people don’t pull all the way out on each thrust, so the average thrust is probably around five inches in, five inches out, repeat.  The skin over the shaft doesn’t move that much, so to enjoy that much movement, you have to have some lubrication and sliding.

We feel thrusting as a sense of something gripping your cock quite tightly, but in such a slippery grip that you just slide through the grip.  That grip has no special attention to the frenulum or the ring.  It is only the fact the ring sticks out as it slides back and forth, that it helps in creating sensations.

When you get ready to  cum, you can feel the pressure build in your balls and you will probably increase the speed of your strokes.  Your body gushes forth in this explosion of pleasure, and it is all you pushing this explosion up your shaft.


Pleasures of oral service – In oral service your slave is pulling from you as you push. There is something incredible about that.  Long before you get to that point though, there are things the mouth can do that the vagina can not.

The ring gets no special treatment by the vagina, but a slave can wrap their lips around that ring and concentrate on it while grasping the shaft tightly. This mimic’s the feeling of a vagina but with added sensation on the ring.

How to explain this…Because the short thrusts of your slaves lips over your ring push and pull at the same speed as a fast full length thrust, the FEELING at the head and ring is the same as a deep hard fast thrust…. the in and out strokes over the head though shorter, come at the same frequency as a full longer thrust that is fast… That plus a slippery. firm grip grip on the skin of the shaft combine to produce not just the same effect, but a heightened effect of a nice, hard, deep, fuck with that extra tease of nice wet lips encircling the ring, pushing and pulling that “movement sensitive” portion of the cock.  Mmmmmm good…

Now let’s add one more trick to oral pleasure.  This is what ( for me )  puts it over the top as far as sensations go.  With their tongue your slave can also stimulate the frenulum, which in my experience can cut the time to orgasam down by a quarter of the regular time.  Stimulating the frenulum, and the ring, and the shaft, all at once, is simply heaven.

But wait!  There’s more!  There is an old prostitute trick to stimulate the prostrate that you can also add, if you want to go one step further.  (Ha! now how much would you pay?)

Lastly, if your slave has this ability, an occasional deep throat, buried all the way into base of the shaft adds a certain degree of the mental-control-submission thing to it.. but takes away from technique hence the once in a while aspect.  Still, just being “done” by your slave can lose something in the translation.  Sometimes its nice to know your cock is possibly more than your slave wants to handle.  Definitely throw in some throat fuck if they can handle it.


Bringing it all together – With some playful nibbles and licks to start, and then lots of attention to the frenulum, followed by a firm, wet, slippery grip on the shaft while your slave works both the ring with their lips and the frenulum with their tongue; this is my idea of pleasure. When I die, let me cum and go at the same time, just this way.  Your slave can quickly work your senses into a frenzy using this combination.  I find it quite pleasing.   To have her then stop briefly for a full on throat fuck, and return to the complete sensation package makes for really, really good head.  Finally,  the crowning jewel of oral service is to feel your slave pulling your orgasm out of you while you gush and push forward.. well.. now.. that’s some pretty good stuff.  All you have to be able to do is be able to explain exactly what you want, and how you want it, after which its not hard at all… nope not very hard at all.


Carpe diem my friends, go be someone’s great evening!




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